City Search (Not Linked) shows only a big gray field. No City names are displaye

  • Holger
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    Hi together,

    i want to give our visitors the opertunity to select a city without knowing the state where this city is.

    I thought I only have to select the option in search setup “City Search (NOT LINKED)” and all citys in the database should be displayed without first selecting the state.

    But in my frontend only a grey box is opening from the dropdown.
    The strange thing is I can select something from the grey box and the search is working.

    in the HTML code I can see that the values are in the code but no name that should be between the >< will not be displayed.

    It looks like this:
    <optin value=”Stuttgart”></option>
    <optin value=”Munich”></option>
    <optin value=”Frankfurt”></option>

    I have no idea what to do in this case..

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    Hello Holger,
    You need to create the country field for city to work

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