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    How can I change the order of the detail fields?
    I want to start with Details and not with descriptions.

    Is it also possible to have details and descriptions in one field?

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    Hello Marta,

    You’ll use the shortcode similar to the listing template I mentioned in your other post, but you’ll make changes within the admin dashboard settings.

    To display custom fields you’ll need to add shortcodes to the auction listing template.
    Note: Always make a backup of the files you’ll be editing before starting!

    1. Go to “Theme Setup >> Page Setup”.
    2. Open the “Listing Page” tab, turn on the “Enable Custom Display” setting and click on the button “Get Codes from Default Layout”..
    3. After the page reloads, go back to the “Customized Display Code” and and make whatever changes are needed. (i.e. move tabs around).
    4. Cick the “Save Changes” button at the bottom of the page.

    Note: Be careful not to break the styling when making changes.

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