Can't restrict access to pages using Membership Packages

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    I have one problem with Job board theme (I really like this job board theme just some issues).
    My problem is that only those companies that will buy membership packages should have possibility to see CV’s / resumes page. Theme information says that you can only restrict access to pages using Membership Packages. But if you try to change configuration and give resumes page access only to some membership packages that doesn’t work, you can still open resumes no matter if you don’t have paid membership package, every user can still open resumes. And when I asked about this premiumpress support told me that we can not use the restriction feature on any of the templates so that means that we can’t limit access to CV’s / resumes page. And that is problem because in many countries you should have possibility to limit access to CV’s / resumes (privacy policy). So now I am asking some help, has someone already solution for this problem and how (coding, workaround etc.) because I think that others can have this same problem too… Help needed thanks

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    Hello Taumo,
    Have a look at this topic >>
    The code Jason provided in the topic will prevent users not registered from viewing the page.

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    Yes, I got the ‘registered users only’ thing to work, but what I want is to require a higher membership to access the resumes page. The problem is that the resumes page is a template page, and according to the premiumpress support templates cannot be restircted with memberships.
    I’m trying to find a solution for this.

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    i want to know when you get the answers

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