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  • Keegan
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    Hi Again,

    Issues uploading images in my WPAdverts integrated with Social Network plugin ‘Peepso’.

    As per my previous issue that I solved, link: http://www.premiumpress.com/forums/topic/wpadverts-and-auction-theme-clashing/
    As soon as I updated my Auction Theme and WordPress, it was ok.

    I did an update with my Peepso plugin and now I am back to having issues with uploading images again.

    Now I can’t actually tell whether it was the WordPress update or Auction Theme update that solved the issue.

    Peepso said it was something to do with the Auction Theme.
    I can’t say if it is 100% Auction Theme until I do another WordPress update.
    That will cancel out that the WordPress update fixed the issue and it could be Peepso compatibility with the Auction Theme.

    What was the last update made to Auction Theme that maybe fixed the problem first time round?

    Has anyone else had this issue? Possible fix?
    Look forward to any comments and ideas and hopefully a resolution.

    I have gone throught the processes of deactivating plugins and so forth.
    I got Peepso helpdesk go check out back end and do any tests they needed to.

    Thank you


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