Add link and reduce the author's photo Search Page shortcode IMAGEAUTHOR

  • Artur
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    1. Do you know how to reduce the author’s photo?
    I mean the page Search Page shortcode [IMAGEAUTHOR]
    photo is 100×100
    I would like to miniature maybe 40×40

    2. Is it possible to add a link to a shortcode?
    for example, -> [IMAGEAUTHOR link=]

    Best wishes!

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    cheers..I am not sure if you can do this for author cuz not sure if you mean profile author.. blog..etc…..but on my category page I go into wordpress and click category page..I add the media inside (visual view) then I can click on the photo and drag it to what size I want or type in the numbers…maybe this may help..not sure..but that’s how I got mine to this size for images

    …and if you mean something else..what I find best about the themes is if you leave things to default..use the pre built pages that come with theme then when you make your own can decide to inherit the headings and footers…or full page..ect..and that way widgets and all work properly…including images..I struggled at first with these types of issues then just decided to try what I am installed my theme 10 times or the Page builder tool is really cool. It allows just about anything you should need!…I hope it all goes well for you..Josh and the rest of the support are great on here…so in time they will be able to help…may take a month to get the site up to specs..but at least it will be done right!..cant wait to see your site when done!


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