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  • Sofie Sofie

    Deals page

    Hello, The layout at my deals page is not ok ( I cannot edit it with editor. What can I do to make it better? Thank..

  • Sofie Sofie

    New window

    Hello, At my website I’m using the page builder. I want to open my logo URLs in a new window (see attachment), but I c..

  • Mark Fail Mark Fail

    Framework 9.1.7 – Bugs & Issues – Please post here

    Hi Guys If you find any bugs and issues with the new version 9.1.7 themes please let me know and i will update this thread making it easier to see wha..

  • Dave Dave

    Website Screenshot Capture v2.4

    Does this plugin work with the V 9.1.x themes? If not will the plugin be updated or the feature added to the themes itself? I have asked several times..

  • Jörg Jörg

    Taxonomy Order Issue

    Hi, If you change the taxonomy order, all images will be lost...

  • Trina B Trina B

    Fontawesome icon for [BTN key="url" text=""]

    Hi, someone knows how I can add an fontawesome icon to a shortcode button: [BTN key=”url” text=””] I want to add the icon fa-p..

  • Sofie Sofie

    Script for opening links in new window

    Hello, Which script can I use for opening the links from the slider in a new window? See attachment. Thanks, Sofie..

  • Sofie Sofie

    Background color

    Hello, I want to change the background of (shop theme), but I can’t. I’ve tried via the customizer and also via css body..

  • Trina B Trina B

    Youtube video links

    Hi, I’m using Directory Theme 8.9.7 and want to know how I can embed several youtube links as it only supports one youtube database key. I have ..

  • Jörg Jörg

    No Limit for Popular Store Sidebar

    Hi, where can the limit of the popular stores set in the sidebar. Now shows all Stores in the Sidebar-Widget..

  • Sofie Sofie


    Hello, I’ve added the slider to my website and it’s perfect. Now I’ve added the slider at the same way to another ..

  • Jörg Jörg

    Search Results Page Design – Filter don't works

    Hi, is there any trick for that Search Results Page Design? The filter Sort by and the selection between coupons and offer does not work?..

  •  Hando

    Email Confirmation Message – How To Set Up?

    Currently, when the new users sign up they receive an email that says: Welcome to our site and here is your login details, email and password. However..

  • Ankit Ankit

    Advanced Search Results

    Hi- Does anyone know how to change / edit / add fields to advanced search results. I added some custom fields to the theme and want these custom field..

  • Martin Martin

    Order manager has no details

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help. On my new website I have products setup for a takeaway but when I proceed to place..

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