Video Theme

  • Anthony Anthony

    Carousel Query String by User ID

    Can anyone help and share a working “carousel query string” by user or user id? We want to query a carousel by the listing owner videos on..

  • Anthony Anthony

    Show or Share All Videos from a Member?

    We have installed an started creating this video theme…however are we wrong? Does this theme not offer the ability to share or show ALL videos f..

  •  Mitchell

    Options not working in this theme that does work in others

    Options not working in this theme that does work in others when using the WordPress Automatic plugin 1.disable suggested videos at the end of the vid ..

  •  David

    Membership Paid Subscriptions – Orders Table

    Hi , On the video theme I have a free and a paid membership subscription, When someone buys a paid membership via Paypal they are not showing up in or..

  • Jude Jude

    Facebook Video/Embed Code

    When I insert this shortcode for facebook: i get an error message on the post: (function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; if (d..

  •  Michael

    How to change the font color Members and Videos Count in the header section

    Next to your logo, you have a group icon and a play button icon with a Upload video button. The font color for the members registered as well as video..

  •  Mitchell

    What is the Custom Post type for Video Theme?

    What is the Custom Post type for Video Theme? Thanks Mitch..

  •  Carlo

    hide youtube link

    how to hide youtube link on my website post For video theme. YouTube videos show option to click to my youtube channel..

  •  David

    Vimeo Thumbnails

    I am wondering why there is not a thumbnail showing up. Do you have to add an image Home..

  • Lauren Lauren

    how to favorite a video?

    how does a user favorite a video. I checked and I do not see any option to do that, but favorites are listed on the profile..

  •  leo

    Youtube API

    Hello. I have been trying to set up the youtube API. I got 2 api #s but neither one workds. One says its a IOS vertsion and the other one a web versio..

  • Lauren Lauren

    changing link default color of site?

    How do I change the color of all the default links of my site. They are all showing up blue and I would like to to be a different color of my choosing..

  •  Txomin

    register activation no automatic

    hello, I do not speak English, I am using the google translator. I recently installed the first theme Video theme. and I have a little problem. I want..

  • Lauren Lauren

    system emails not working

    System emails are not being sent to the user. I have them enabled here: theme setup>>email setup>> system emails The test email is working..

  • Lauren Lauren

    php in custom display?

    Is there any way to post php in theme setup>>page setup>>listing page ??..

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