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  • Crystal Crystal

    Responsive Shopper Theme: Widgets Missing in Admin Area

    Hello, I updated to the 4.9 Responsive Shopper Theme and the widgets in the admin area are missing. The only one visible is the Advanced Search widget..

  • Reese Reese

    Responsive Shop Theme Video

    How do you add a video tab to a post?..

  • Alain Alain

    Remove top header

    How i can remove the top header (with cart) in the shop theme (standard child theme) ?..

  • Ian Ian

    Shop Theme 4.8 and Child Theme Problems

    Is it just me or does the child theme process not work in ST 4.8? Has anyone downloaded a child theme from PP and uploaded it to their site using the ..

  • Lindsay Lindsay

    Problems with 5.1 update

    Hello, 1) I have a problem with my permalinks setting page. Under common settings, it says “premiumpress slug name” and “productR..

  • Lindsay Lindsay

    auto update option not working

    I still can’t get the auto update option, “Update prices every 24 hours” to work. When I click in the box, it doesn’t hold the..

  • Ian Ian

    ST 4.7 Checkout page missing items

    Some of the table elements on the checkout page are in the hidden_phone class so don’t show on small phone. #, Item Name, Price, QTY etc...

  • Kiran Kiran

    Issue with importing amazon products

    Using shop theme 4.8 and the latest amazon plugin, not able to import the products any one else having the issue. it was fine till morning...

  • Reese Reese

    Responsive Shop Theme Query String

    How do you deal with this thing??? I want to put 5 recent post, so I put this code in &order=desc but it’s show ALL my post..

  • Maria Maria

    AUD Currency issue in Responsive Shop Theme

    I’ve set everything up in the admin area for currency to be AUD and my paypal primary currency is AUD. However when customer goes to pay in the ..

  • Thomas Thomas

    Child Theme

    To create child theme for the new Responsive Shopping Cart Theme, do we create it as we always have created child themes for regular wordpress themes?..

  • Karen Karen

    Themes missing from download page

    I’ve noticed that i’m still missing the responsive shop theme and responsive auction theme from my downloads page. I am a VIP member. Is t..

  • Lee Lee


    I have paid for datafeedr but cannot get it to pull down any products yet. I have added the required details into Access ID and Secret Key, and have a..

  • Ian Ian

    Required Atributes

    Although the error message appears notifying of the need to set the required attribute, the item is STILL placed into the basket before the attribute ..

  • Tony Tony

    Create account only during checkout?

    I have not installed the Responsive shop yet I am still on ShopperPress 5.something, because I made a bunch of mods to it. I am going to switch this w..


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