Shop Theme

  • Sofie Sofie

    Background color

    Hello, I want to change the background of (shop theme), but I can’t. I’ve tried via the customizer and also via css body..

  • Sofie Sofie


    Hello, I’ve added the slider to my website and it’s perfect. Now I’ve added the slider at the same way to another ..

  • Martin Martin

    Order manager has no details

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help. On my new website I have products setup for a takeaway but when I proceed to place..

  • steven steven

    Cant Empty Shopping Cart

    Hi there please help, I cant empty the shopping cart, i have disabled all of the plugins except for the ones i need, re-installed wordrpess, re-instal..

  •  Tope

    Woocommerce support

    Does shop theme support woocommerce?..

  •  Daveer

    Shipping Calculation for Shop Theme

    Hi Guys, The problem I have is with calculation of shipping costs. Standard rate shipping does not really have the effect I am looking for neither usi..

  • Sofie Sofie

    Products in category not found

    Hello, The products in my categories are not found, a few examples:

  • simon simon

    SAGEPAY – issues (repost)

    Hello, Had to re-post this (sorry) as it ended up in the wrong section – sorry MOD’s). I have tried to search for this but no real results..

  • andrew andrew


    hi hope some one can help me trying to add a unsubscribe. link to me emails. I have created a page and ahhhed the like under the Confirmation Email in..

  • Russ Russ

    Out of stock items available for order???

    Right i’ve got some products setup on my shop theme and they have reached “0” stock level and on the featured page they show ‘..

  • Thomas Thomas

    Amazon API Details Invalid

    Hi there, I’m getting Amazon API Details Invalid when trying to update my site, The details i’m using are correct as I’m able to tes..

  • steven steven

    Shop Theme Broken

    Hi can anyone help? My shop theme is broken, the product are sitting at the bottom of the website and won’t sit at the side of the widgets like ..

  •  Douglas

    premiumpress page builder edit function

    everything else wor but the edit function. when I click it, it does not open the edit window. Neither the edit options in the object or the row that h..

  • Marco Marco

    Adding colors and sizes to products

    Hello, I am using Shopping Theme v.8.9 Is there any way to add colors and sizes to products (clothes in my case), as they do in WooCommerce? Thanks, M..

  • Mike Mike

    Adding Stickers

    I am looking to add some stickers [great value, new etc] to the existing ones. Anyone know how to do this?..


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