Shop Theme

  •  Douglas

    premiumpress page builder edit function

    everything else wor but the edit function. when I click it, it does not open the edit window. Neither the edit options in the object or the row that h..

  • Marco Marco

    Adding colors and sizes to products

    Hello, I am using Shopping Theme v.8.9 Is there any way to add colors and sizes to products (clothes in my case), as they do in WooCommerce? Thanks, M..

  • Mike Mike

    Adding Stickers

    I am looking to add some stickers [great value, new etc] to the existing ones. Anyone know how to do this?..

  • reginald reginald

    Shop theme

    when someone buy something how can i add tracing info from shipping to their page so when they login they will see the tracking info?..

  • steven steven

    Amazon API Details Invalid

    Have been using Amazon API on three websites with the shop theme now they are not working. I have deleted the API on Amazon and got new ones and it st..

  • Andrew Andrew

    how to Import my products via .CSV

    Hi i would like to add my products via a .csv file. How do i get a template of this ? I cannot seem to find any info on this, i am not sure if i have ..

  •  stephen

    Query For Carousel

    Hi I want to setup Carousels for different Category on different pages. Is there a query to do this. Thanks..

  •  Aaron

    Where is the .htaccess file?

    This should be pretty straightforward, however, the Yoast SEO plugin cannot locate the .htaccess file. I attempted to upload one to the root URL, howe..

  • Sofie Sofie

    Taxonomy page is not found

    Hello, I’ve added a few taxonomies to my website, but when I want to see the taxonomy page, no products are found. For example this page: https:..

  • Robert Robert

    Affiliate "Add to cart" link, put affiliate product in basket and not redirected

    Single product display “Add to Cart” button works fine, redirecting the visitor to the correct affiliate site (

  • grant grant

    header images

    does anyone know how or where to change the images/text in the header? also the county flag? thanks..

  •  Daveer

    How to install default template like the advertisement

    Hello everyone, Just wanted to know, I recently purchased The shop theme. How to I get a default template like on the advertisement with the example i..

  • Adela Adela

    The requested URL /out/66/buy_link/ was not found on this server

    Hi there! Is an affiliate site! When you click to put in basket your redirect to this 404 instead of affiliate link! On the product manager i made wha..

  • Marco Marco

    Does Shop Theme support 2checkout?

    Hello, Could you please let me know if 2checkout is supported by Shop Theme and how do I that that gateway? I am using ST version 8.8 Thanks, Marco..

  •  Eva

    where I find the installation documentation Responsive Shop Theme

    where I find the installation documentation Responsive Shop Theme..

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