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  • Sean Sean

    Enjoying my day with new responsive Real Estate theme

    Hi all, I just wanted to comment on the new responsive Real Estate theme that Mark has just released. It’s so impressive out of the box, that I&..

  • Roelf Roelf

    Upgrade to newer versions

    Hey Mark, Finally got the RealtorPress Responsive! Just great! One question. I have seen a topic on this a while ago and i have been trying to locate ..

  • Jeffrey Jeffrey

    Few more "stupid" questions

    So after about 5 hours of really digging around the backend of the new responsive theme I like most of what I see but I am stumbling on a few things t..

  • Terry Terry

    Login / Register Bar

    Hi I was looking at a Coupon Theme showcase site and it has a Home Login/Register bar, is it possible to display this in Real Estate?..

  • Jeffrey Jeffrey

    Feeling Stupid…

    OK, so I have just purchased the new responsive Real Estate theme so I can start looking at what it will take to change my existing PPT over to this n..



    Hi .. In non responsive themes there are many options to choose from payment gateways…will in RESPONSIVE REAL ESTATE Theme all the Payment gatew..

  • Tal Tal


    When are you going to post video tutorials for the responsive theme? There seem to be several things that don’t work properly in the real estate..

  • Tal Tal

    Upgrading Responsive Themes

    Having issues with the responsive theme..

  • magdalena magdalena

    WL Themes

    Hey, a little confused to what happened to WLThemes – it appears they have been merged with PP? If so, do we need to purchase the themes again? ..

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