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  • Moacir Moacir

    Real State Responsive Theme: Contact Page

    I bought this real state responsive theme recently and also classifieds theme non-responsive.theme too. The classifieds theme non responsive have a co..

  • Tracy Tracy

    memberships vs free listing

    I am creating a real estate site (free listings) but I need to have a business directory for real estate service professionals that will be paid and s..

  • Rob Rob

    Change $ to £ ?

    I haven’t been able to find where I could switch the default currency symbol from $ to £. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Many Than..

  • Oleksii Oleksii

    Widget Taxomony Search

    The words were not visible.. I changed to —– padding:3px; wp-content/themes/realtorpress/PPT/css/css.framework.css #ppt-widget-taxonomy-bo..

  • Tal Tal

    Submission/Membership Packages

    Where does one edit the submission packages and membership packages in responsive real estate theme? I can’t find anything...

  • Daniela Daniela

    how to insert customized output to single.php

    Sorry guys, that i ask this again (like i did in the old forum.. but thats gone and i cannot remember the answer).. I want to output a field from the ..

  • Emanuele Emanuele

    LIsting packages

    Hello, I’ve made 2 packages for users to choose. To add a listing visitors must register first to my website, but after the registration when cl..

  • Emanuele Emanuele

    listing picture disappear (e.g : "no-image-226" )

    Hello, After last update, my listing pictures disappear , as the theme can’t find them anymore . (this has happen some time before also) how can..

  • Tal Tal

    State / City

    How do I add States and Cities to this theme?..

  • Roelf Roelf

    Image Upload Error

    Hi, Regarding RT V4.4 When a user wants to upload a image via the ‘Media Manager’ at the bottom of the listing, it gives this error : Synt..

  • Emanuele Emanuele

    Can't upload any file in the listings.

    Can’t upload any file in the listings, not before or after the saving. How can i fix this ? Regards...

  • Tal Tal

    404 error on listing pages

    When I click a listing from the home page I get a 404 error. I just installed R43. What is the fix for this?

  • Thomas Thomas

    Advanced Search Radio Field

    I am trying to add a Radio Field to my Search Form. I created a custom field for Pet Friendly that uses a radio button and allows yes or no. I added t..

  • Thomas Thomas

    How to Move Breadcrumbs

    Using Responsive Real Estate Theme Version 4.2 Is there a simple method to move the breadcrumbs from the sidebar to under the navigational menu in a f..

  •  Anonymous

    New Real Estate Responsive Theme

    Hi Mark I saw somewhere that you assisted users in linking their Responsive Themes with their download area. I bought the Real Estate RT and would lik..


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