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  •  Karl Raimond

    How to hide [listtype]

    Hey, I have trouble hiding [listtype] in the listings, how can I remove it? Screenshot below...

  • Sean Sean

    How to make Design options appear?

    Does anybody know the design bug fix? I’ve gone through the site, played around, checked and saved eberything and still I cannot get the Design ..

  • Peter Peter

    Real Estate V9.1 Bugs

    Hi Mark, I saw the updates of the RT9.1 and it’s fix the bugs of the backend missed “Design” function tab. However the page edit pro..

  •  James

    Amenities in V9 June 12 2018

    Hi, I’m using a fresh install of V9 Real State (version updated June 12 2018), and amenities don’t work. I go edit any listing, check some..

  • Ion Ion

    V.9 Child themes

    Hello, I want to start new project using v9 real estate theme but I am not really happy with the default theme. Any plans to provide some more attract..

  •  Becca

    Child Theme

    I am having issues installing the child theme in v8 of the real estate template. Any ideas?..

  •  Karl Raimond

    How can I remove [listtype]

    Hi, how can I remoce [listtype] from listing? screenshot below..

  •  Becca

    V9 and property types

    Where do I go in the files to change the property types? I would like to change the detached, attached, etc to my own options..

  • Frank Frank

    Can't Find Option to assign a Different Homepage in Version 9

    Where do I find the option to assign any page as my home page? In the old version, I will go to > Design Setup > select Homepage. Sometimes you ..

  • Marco Marco

    Cannot find Real Estate version 8.9.7

    Hello folks, Could you please add the last 8.9.7 version of Real Estate theme? Also, when downloading version 9 the file name is not Tha..

  • Frank Frank

    Real Estate Themes Update from 8.9.6 TO 8.9.7

    VIP member: I am experiencing problems so I’m letting you know. This process is not working for me. Can someone suggest another option? I’..

  •  ck1066

    Custom display code for mobile, grid and list view

    Can anyone help with Custom display styling for grid and list search results? See the attached example of what I’m looking to achieve. Any help ..

  •  ck1066

    Member manually unpublish (or disable) property listing – can this be done?

    Hi, Im using the RT estate theme and was wondering how members unpublish or disable a listing from the site once it has been sold so it’s no lon..

  • Nick Nick

    Importing images using WPallImport

    I’m using WPallImport to bring listings into my site fairly successfully except for images. Only the feature image gets imported even though whe..

  •  Na

    code for showing number of visitor viewing a listing

    Is there a code showing number of visitor viewing a listing? I know there is [TOOLBOX] which shows number of visitor viewing, Print a page, Add to Fav..


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