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  • Edmund Edmund

    Sort Search Result by a speciafic date custom field

    Hi, My site link is 90% of my listings are EVENT listings, each with a start and end date custom field I’ve created. I̵..

  • Mike Mike

    Pretty Links – How to Render These In PP Themes

    So I am looking to see if PP Themes can render so-called pretty links like: So that the above profile can look li..

  • Mike Mike

    Pages Not Appearing

    My pages are not appearing – can anyone think of reason why that might be the case?..

  • Derick Derick

    Adsense Not Showing

    I have placed adsense on the right column on my website On the homepage, all the adsense ads don’t show. Adsesne doesn’t..

  • Edmund Edmund

    account details navigation on the right not linking to correct page

    Hi, I’ve looked everywhere inside the themes settings for this but for the life of me can’t find where to correct this. The top Right Navi..

  • Mike Mike

    Two Themes On One WordPress Instance

    Can I install and run two separate PP Themes on the same wordpress site? I want to add a Video Streaming Theme to my Music Theme. Do I need to install..

  • Mike Mike

    Custom Field Error

    Having allocated a Custom Field to one listing type. That field appears on all the listing packages I have set up. What’s the best solution for ..

  • Edmund Edmund

    Plugin Conflict With Theme

    Good day, I urgently need a resolution with a conflict which I am having with an important plugin called Ultimate Member. ..

  • Mike Mike

    Listing Layout

    I am trying to add the contents of the listing details in a separate tab. I am presently using this: [IMAGE link=0] [MUSIC] [/IMAGE]<h1>[TITLE]&..

  • Mike Mike

    Listing Package Setting

    I need to enable a 3rd party plugin so that ONLY a certain User type associated with that Listing Package can access it any suggestion?..

  • Mike Mike

    User Access

    I want to give Users limited access just to the Blogging system. How do I achieve this?..

  • Ian Ian


    Hi, Is anyone using premium press and powerpress together to allow their users to upload their own podcasts to the site? I wonder how easy it would be..

  • Edmund Edmund

    All of a sudden a get a wp-admin/install.php page

    Hi, Yesterday my website worked fine, but today I’m getting the wordpress install.php file. How do I make that go away? Please help urgently. ht..

  • Edmund Edmund

    Advanced Search with TAXONOMY FIELD of Listing Categories

    Hi, I have a taxonomy field in my advanced search that lists LISTING CATEGORIES. I want all my parent categories to list. 1) Only a few of my categori..

  • Edmund Edmund

    Custom Fields not displaying on Front End

    Hi, I’ve had a look and tried different things. ISSUE 1(see attachment: listing-display2.jpg) I’d like the display caption to be the DISCRIPTION o..


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