Micro Jobs Theme

  • Liz Liz

    Oops! I pressed the Reset button :)

    I deliberately pressed the reset ( back to factory default) Button in Classified theme. I “FIRST” disabled ( un activated) all of the clas..

  •  Christian

    Lots of errors after activating

    Hello, I get these error messages after activating the account: Notice: is_term is deprecated since version 3.0! Use term_exists() instead. in /mnt/we..

  • Liz Liz

    My Account page – about requesting withdraw

    Regarding the My Account page – about requesting withdraw. The choices are: (as seen from the Demo site) It says: Here you can contact us (the w..

  • Magnus Magnus

    Disable the Add-ons

    I am evaluating the MicroJobs theme (whether I can launch a site using it or not) and I get into all kinds of questions and a few bugs too (I’m ..

  • Magnus Magnus

    Impossible to upload images

    I am using the very latest version of the MicroJobs theme (the one released the 26th of November 2014) and I simply can’t upload any images. In ..

  • Carlos Carlos

    Footer error

    The footer area repeat the “footer right” content on left and center footer area… see image attached!..

  • Carlos Carlos

    How to add a social layout like DEMO

    HI How to add the same BOTTOM RIGHT layout (social block) as the same MICROJOB plugin? See image attached..

  • Azhari Azhari

    New Micro Job Theme Update

    Hi All, When the expected releases new version for Micro Jobs Theme?..

  • Mark Mark

    Expandable menus

    Hey guys How can we change our main menu navigation to expand when we hover over it? Its a really great way of showing the vast categories on our site..

  • Mark Mark

    Add On Gigs

    Hey guys Has anyone found a way of adding on gig upgrades in the microjob theme? It is a fairly standard component of competitor sites. Ie the draw in..

  •  Ivor

    Don't want an Escrow system

    Hi, I want to use the payment gateway only for purchasing listings, not for use between buyer and seller. Is this possible. If not, my entire project ..

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