Micro Jobs Theme

  •  puneet

    User Register setup Google GPS location

    I want when any user register to site in the signup page it must get a option to show its google gps location . so in the maps any buyer can find a ne..

  •  tim

    Callback pages

    Hi, we are trying to create a custom method to pay. we have a small issue. we are trying to create a callback success using a new payment gateway. All..

  • Azhari Azhari

    can i edit Author Page?

    Hi, can i edit Author page using elementor template?..

  • Azhari Azhari

    No Service/Job Add On Option in backend admin area

    Hi, Where i can find service/job add on option at the admin backend area?..

  • Azhari Azhari

    How to change font color input keyword box in search listing page

    Hi, How can i change the font color in input keyword box in search listing page?..

  •  Rumen

    Blog page access

    Hello, I have changed the blog page setting to be accessible for gold members only but it is still visible even without logging in. Am I missing somet..

  • Azhari Azhari

    Day of delivery not sync after save

    Hi, new job post – when i choose 1 day to delivery, after save, listing page shown 10 days. existing job post – when i try edit the day of..

  •  Carmit

    How to remove date from blog posts. MJ9?

    Need your help to remove the date from the blog posts..

  • Adekoyejo Adekoyejo

    Unsubscribe shortcode not working

    Hi guys, I recently notice that the unsubscribe shortcode at the bottom of my news letter is not clickable. I did all I have to do; such as creating a..

  •  Rumen

    Social login Facebook

    Hello, I am getting an error message when a user clicks on the facebook login or register button. It looks like some changes in the code are necessary..

  •  Rumen

    How to rename the login page

    Hello, Is there a way to rename the wp-login.php page? I cannot see such a page in the admin section. There are only separate login and register pages..

  • Adekoyejo Adekoyejo

    Micro Job listing not saving and error message

    Please help on Micro Job submission page. I just created a freelancing site at – http://yokebay.com/freelancing/. But the problem is, when a fre..

  •  Carmit

    How to rename "post Job" button in the new theme

    Hi I installed the new theme, and need to change the post job in the upper menu to “Add BKM” How can I do it?..

  •  Carmit

    Why blog posts appear under listing?

    One more question, why blog posts, privacy policy, etc are appearing under listing? i would like to separate actual blog posts and listing see example..

  •  Carmit

    Free Micro job and attachments

    Hello again, and thank you for all the support you provided so far I would like to set free listings as free, and enable the user to download the atta..


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