Job Board Theme

  • Or Or

    how the users can upload a picture

    Hello Mark, I want to know how the users can upload a picture after they register I use a template responsive job board..

  • Ahmed Ahmed

    API integration

    I am looking for someone who know Taobao API integration with Premiumpress..

  • Claude Claude

    Workers as applicants

    I see that right now, the workers who want to apply for a job can use the job board as applicants but it should be made clearer that they can have the..

  • Cindy Cindy

    How to duplicate site?

    What is the best (simplest?) way to duplicate an existing site based on this theme? I’m going to need a few more…Thanks...

  • Cindy Cindy

    How to edit the Listing Packages table – typo at bottom

    Does anyone out there know how to edit the text at the bottom of the listing packages table? It has a typo in it. I don’t see it under the edito..

  •  Sridhar

    Home Page Object – Recent Listing

    Hai , Just wondering how can one limit Home Page Object – Recent Listing not to show Datetime, Proporsals, Views . I just want it to be Job titl..

  • Ivo Ivo

    Listing Packages more clear

    I have seen in the video tutorial about listing packages, there are two different backgrounds shown (attachment). Listing Packages are green, Member P..

  • Andrew Andrew

    Main Banner of Guy and Girl Change

    Hi, How do i change the banner of the main banner. I could not find it under any options. It’s the default banner with it switching between a ma..

  • Richard Richard

    Show recently added jobs in feed

    I need to show recently added jobs in the feed for my job website Currently, if you check the feed url

  • Milos Milos

    Job Board – How to change text below subtitle ?

    Job Board – How to change text below subtitle ?..

  • Nathalie Nathalie

    Conflict with a plugin and email setup option

    Hello, I’ve got a conflict with a plugin (Userpro) While this plugin is activated, in the email setup option, the assigned email is blank. Any i..

  •  Gary

    I may be going slightly mad…

    Hi, I was looking for a job board theme for a while and it came down to 2. As I had previously bought Premiumpress themes and know they are very good,..

  • Paul Paul

    6.4 beta errors

    have changed up from the responsive JB 6.3 and noticed that basics like header colour won’t change and the slider seems to stay locked although ..

  • Ivo Ivo

    How can I add description text to form field?

    Hi, can someone give me a tip? I need a description text below a form field in the add-listing form. Where I have to set in the text? In which file? B..

  • TRacey TRacey

    Add User Registration Field

    What has to be done to properly add a new field to the Registration form in a way that will not be overwritten with a theme upgrade? I assume the basi..


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