Job Board Theme

  •  Tuomo

    Can't restrict access to pages using Membership Packages

    I have one problem with Job board theme (I really like this job board theme just some issues). My problem is that only those companies that will buy m..

  •  John


    I am using the shortcode to display content on my listing page. Any photos added to the listing also appear as part of this. Is there a way to disable..

  • Lauren Lauren

    zip code search not working

    How exactly does the search by zip code work? I have entered a whole bunch of listings with location set via google map. When I go to search by zip co..

  • Justin Justin

    Multiple Location Markers On Google Maps Per Listing

    hi all, under my jon site I use the google maps option for a fiel. Yu can see this at the bottom of this page:

  •  IMRAN

    How to remove Membership Packages from Job Seeker's Dashboard?

    Hi, I just have setup my jobsite. I setup the Membership Packages for Employers to post job listings. But on dashboard page, even I login with a Job S..

  •  Fred

    color of the listings label job type

    Hello Josh, Is it possible to change the color of the jobtype label e.g. Full-Time into the same color as the default navigation bar(orange)? Regards,..

  •  Fred

    hide/remove search fields from homepage

    Hi Josh, Is there a way to hide or remove the search fields from the homepage? (there must be, but i can’t find it). I tried the following alrea..

  •  Fred

    Translate the submit application form

    Hello there! I can’t figure out where to translate the text on the “submit application form” which shows up when a single listing is..

  • Mike Mike

    8.6 No Cache Code

    Hello Just trying out 8.6 [changes to back end very usefully laid out] and in noting the the them was being optimized – is it possible to remove..

  •  somruk

    I want to delete it.

    I want to delete it...

  • Mohammad Mohammad

    Content Slider Pixel

    May I know please the standard size by pixel of the content slider photos? Thanks..

  •  Derek

    Menus and Sub Menus

    I have created a menu – Clients>Add Listing >Learn more When I look on my mobile (i)phone and borrowed Surface Pro – I can see the A..

  •  Derek


    So I was struggling with Search s I went on line to find someone with more PP experience than me – that could almost be anyone on earth ! He tol..

  •  Derek

    Search and Custom Fields

    Hello – I could not find this out from the Listing video or obviously from the code – I was able to add loads of custom firelds when Addin..

  •  victor

    Removing Theme Quick Links

    Kindly help, i want to remove the ‘theme quick links’ from displaying in the admin bar...


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