Job Board Theme

  • Mike Mike

    Upload Resume

    How can we turn off the “Upload Resume or CV” We do not need it and we don’t want it showing on our site...

  • Sven Sven

    First Name / Last Name / Covering Message texts

    Hello, I need to translate several texts on the Jobs Board theme which I haven’t been able to find: When you access a job listing, there’s..

  • leslie leslie

    Change location on mobile

    Hi, I’m using the jobs board theme with jobs black child theme. My question is how do visitors enter or change their location on mobile? There i..

  •  Bradley

    How do I change text colour in advance search?

    Hi How do I change text colour in advance search? many thanks Brad..

  •  Bradley

    Ad banners do not work in categories, but does if left blank?

    Hi, I have set up a banner link, with code. It works fine when the category is left blank. But when I assign a category it dissapears? Any advice? Man..

  •  Bradley

    Add listing button not working

    I have a add post/list button, a page linked to it but when clicked the form does not appear?..

  •  Bradley

    Search Radius

    Hi all, Installed job board red theme, and tbh I really don’t need to do much, but there are a few niggly bits. Like when i have created an adva..

  •  Bradley

    Save listing button stopped working

    Hi, Everything was working great until I was testing the add listing form, when i got to the end to submit the ad, the save listing would not select, ..

  •  Luis Carlos

    Restricting access to pages

    Hi, i am trying to have some access restriction to the “add listing” page, this should only be visible for the recruiters, it is visible f..

  •  Luis Carlos

    Applying multiple times for the same job

    Is there a way to prevent users to apply more than one time for the same job?..

  •  Tuomo

    Can't restrict access to pages using Membership Packages

    I have one problem with Job board theme (I really like this job board theme just some issues). My problem is that only those companies that will buy m..

  •  John


    I am using the shortcode to display content on my listing page. Any photos added to the listing also appear as part of this. Is there a way to disable..

  • Lauren Lauren

    zip code search not working

    How exactly does the search by zip code work? I have entered a whole bunch of listings with location set via google map. When I go to search by zip co..

  • Justin Justin

    Multiple Location Markers On Google Maps Per Listing

    hi all, under my jon site I use the google maps option for a fiel. Yu can see this at the bottom of this page:

  •  IMRAN

    How to remove Membership Packages from Job Seeker's Dashboard?

    Hi, I just have setup my jobsite. I setup the Membership Packages for Employers to post job listings. But on dashboard page, even I login with a Job S..


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