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  • David David

    cannot get 100% width (fluid)

    When I change the page setting from fixed width 1179 to FLuid 100% nothing happens. What am I doing wrong, do I need to change some other settings?..

  •  Hassane

    Digital Download theme

    Hi, I just purchased the Digital Download theme after looking at the demo online and seeing it will do everything i need it to. Once i installed it, a..

  • Paul Paul

    Can't Upload Exe Files

    Every time I try to upload exe files, it gives me this error: “Sorry, this file type is not permitted for security reasons.” Where do I fi..

  •  Alexander

    How a user can make a Withdrawal Request

    Hey on my site I have more Authos with Products. A Author have sold a Product. How he can make a Withdrawal Request? Where he see that he has sold a p..

  • Tulio Tulio

    Increase header

    Hi, How can I increase the header height. Now is 1170 px X 100px. I need it to go 140 px height. I don’t find where to change this number. Pleas..

  •  Alexander

    Default Download Options

    Hello Friends, How can I chose the Listing owner the Download Option (Paid Download, Facebook Share, Twitter)? Currently I have to set this for each p..

  •  Alexander

    tweet link mistake

    Hello Friends, 1. I ad some new listing. 2. I ad my the website link 3. But the Tweet Button show premiumpress link How I can change this link I think..

  • Safari Safari

    Can I asign listing item to more than 1 author?

    Can I assign listing item to more than 1 author? I want the listed item to appear on any of the multiple authors pages. Thanks..

  • Rahul Rahul

    Adding new custom stickers to listing!

    Hi: I have read posts on stickers and found that stickers are picked from following file path /so/framework/img/sprite_sticker.png (The so is the them..

  • Safari Safari

    Where do I edit my child theme styles?

    Hello. Am using Software Download theme. I was naughty (well lazy really) and didn’t create child theme. I added lots of css to my parent theme ..

  • Safari Safari

    Force user's uploaded profile image to be a certain size?

    Is there a way to force the user’s uploaded profile image to be a certain size? I want no larger than 250px x 250px so it doesn’t break th..

  • Derick Derick

    Music Downloads

    I would like to buy the downloads theme for a music niche. I would like to find out if the theme supports audio files uploads and downloads. I, the ad..


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