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  • Tulio Tulio

    Full Size Header Banner

    Hello, How can I insert a banner in the header full with: for example 1200 px X 268 px So what I need is to have a banner with image there instead of ..

  •  james

    Custom listing details

    Hello I’m likely being extremely dim, but I can’t see how to change the default listing details such as the licence drop down choices, ope..

  • wilfredo wilfredo

    Help Urgent: Allow download for registered users only level 2

    Hi I have a query. download only allow registered users and Membership Level 2 As you can do to show the download only to registered users and mebresi..

  •  james

    Disable right click "save as"

    Hello I’d like to allow users to upload music files (of their own creation) and allow other users to pay to download them. It needs to be files ..

  • David David

    How to update featured image using CSV importer

    Using the premiumpress csv importer to insert featured image does not seem to work I can upload the path and I only see the default no image icon. If ..

  • Alfredo Alfredo

    Change, Add, or Disable Default Download Options

    Good morning All! Using Digital Download Theme ver. 6.6.6. (aka Satan) That is the real version number, just kidding about Satan Mark! ;^) You know I ..

  • David David

    Cannot import tags in csv

    I hav a column in my csv import file called post_tags but they do not import. I have manually entered them on a listing and the work fine and show on ..


    After payment callback not showing download link

    Hi In download theme, after payment (from paypal) it is returning to callback page (thank you) but how customers will download the product. It should ..

  •  Eli

    Downloadable Products not protected

    Hello everyone! I have made a download test for some products and it seems that they are not protected,anyone how have the url can download the produc..

  • Nickolas Nickolas

    shopperpress Stylesheet is missing.

    Hi on the themes page at the bottom . I get a warning ” shopperpress Stylesheet is missing.” I think this might be why I am having so many..

  • Paul Paul

    PAD Files

    I thought I saw that you can use PAD files to import listings into the site, but now I don’t see that option anymore. Maybe it was a different s..

  • Paul Paul

    Download Button

    Can someone please tell me how to change the “Download” button on the listing page? It’s black, and I’d either like to A) chan..

  • Tulio Tulio

    Header Issue

    HI there, Please check image attached. I’m having some issues with the header. 1. How to hide or remove the login [username-password] from there..


    Question about Download Path (Server)

    Hİ.Firstly thanks for great theme. I want to ask something about Download Path (Server) section in admin new listing preferences. I think this theme ..

  •  Hassane

    YouTube Channel

    Is there a way to stream a youtube channel as a slider element? Meaning put in the name of a channel on youtube, and have it go through the videos on ..


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