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  • Trevor Trevor

    Header resizing itself on listings.

    I am having an issue with the Download Theme not correctly displaying the header on a site I am using it for, not sure why it just started doing this ..

  • Sean Sean

    Add to Basket option

    Does anyone know if an ‘Add to Basket’ option can be added to the download theme? I have a couple of customers who buy more than 1 item an..

  • Sean Sean

    Guests to Login before they can download anything

    Is there an option to enable which diverts website visitors to the login/register page before they start a download? I would like them to be able to v..

  • Ricardo Ricardo

    Create Bookstore?

    Dear, On the topic Digital Downloads . I could create a shop to sell e-books ? Someone broke the theme for this function ? If so. Please paste the lin..

  •  Reza

    How can users sell their downloads?

    Hey, i want allow users to upload their pdf files and sell it n the download platform. But i saw that they have to give a download link? I want that t..

  •  Jamie

    Charge Commission Fee

    Hello, wanted to ask the forum, has anyone created or recommend a commission fee script that could be used to get a comission fee [percentage] for a s..

  • Steven Steven

    Mobile Web – There Is No Download Button

    Hi I am using the Download Theme and have selected the Mobile Theme to be used on Mobiles however when a user clicks on a listing it just shows the de..

  • Miguel Miguel

    2 column page for custom Home page

    I’m testing the updated Responsive directory theme to 8.9. I think it’s definitely improved and looks great. I’m used the use the ol..

  • Greg Greg

    Download question

    I just purchased these themes and there are two download options in the attachment screen shot. CT and (ateralattave download location) What is the di..

  • David David

    How to modify defaults_download.php so all listing use paid download

    I need to modify this file so that all listings use this method. I know there is an option in settings to set this as the default but this ONLY works ..

  • David David

    Set Default download price

    is it possible to set all listings to have a default download price so I don’t need to add a price for every listing..

  • David David

    How can I set my free listing to default to published rather than draft

    I want free listings automatically published, any ideas?..

  • kairen kairen

    Remove admin test callback

    I want to remove the admin test callback button. I raised a ticket checking it it can be done and I was told to look in thr defaults_download.php file..

  •  james

    Please Share First (like button) not working

    Hiya my lovely friends, can someone help please? listings have the social media share button in place for “downloading” the digital file, ..

  • Tulio Tulio

    Header Height

    Hi, I need a hand to increase the header height in the red box in the image attached. I place this code in the custom metadata but doesn’t work:..


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