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  • kairen kairen

    Confused on Memberships

    I thin I am going around in circles and lost myself. With the Downloads theme I want to offer a free section and then a membership section . So items ..

  • kairen kairen

    New Install Error Notice: The called constructor method for WP_Widget in core_w

    I installed the theme on a test set with no problems. I then downloaded it to the live site which is on the same server so all the same settings and v..

  • Jennifer Jennifer

    Sub-header colors??

    OK, sorry…I’m completely stumped! Been searching the forum for an hour or more, and can’t seem to find the answer. I chose the color..

  • Anthony Anthony

    Top Text Nav Bar Blocked By Logo – Download Theme

    Our top navigation bar (as seen in images) is blocked out by our logo banner at top left of the site. Only when the user is not logged in. Once they d..

  • Anthony Anthony

    Listing Query Strings Problems – Software / Download Theme

    We are having issues with getting the right listing query string for our pages. When we add a listing ‘carousel’ using… [LISTINGS ca..

  • Anthony Anthony

    Duplicate Purchase / Payment Emails Sent to Admin

    We are getting 4 emails in a row sent to us as admin after a sale to users. Why is this? Anyone have an idea? :–)..

  • Anthony Anthony

    Download Theme Post Sale Link Process – How?

    Ok so can someone explain how the “post-sale of a download” transaction happens on the download theme. There are no forms, or a section to..

  • Anthony Anthony

    "Download Now" Text Font Color Edit – Download Theme

    Going CrAZy….we can not for the life of us, find where to change the color of the “Download Now” button text on listing page. Tried ..

  • Steven Steven

    How do I edit/delete the Views and Downloads text which shows next to listings

    Hi I don’t want to show the number of downloads or views next to each download how would I change this as I dont see it under Language/Download ..

  • Kashif Kashif

    How to???

    Hi, I am currently using Responsive Directory Theme Version 8.9.4. long story short. before I had map option turned off I created custom fields for co..

  •  Jason

    Claim a listing

    How do I make it so users can claim a listing. I remember seeing an on/off switch in the admin section but I can’t remember where I saw it. Help..

  • Evelyn Evelyn

    banner sell missing

    Hi I use the Download Theme and I want to sell banner. However, it appears no side to create them and adjust the price. Is there this option when down..

  • Jennifer Jennifer

    Delete and replace header image

    Hi, I’m trying to replace the image that read “Digital Downloads Theme” and has the image of the Magic Antivirus. I want to replace ..


    How do I measure the height equal to all products?

    How do I measure the height equal to all products? product name long that when Have different heights of products Do we have a chance to make constant..


    how can i change listing url ?

    hi i want to change listing write in my address bar listing-category name i w..


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