Directory Theme

  • Gary Gary

    Email Set Up

    When I assign any emails in the Email Assignment section and hit save the emails do not save and remain on — do not send –. The message at..

  • Mike Mike

    Listing Expiry Process

    Is there setting which allows Premium Paid listings to simply get busted to down to an ordinary listings and NOT be deleted from the index? How please..

  • Wayne Wayne

    CSV File Import – How to setup

    I wonder if someone can tell me where to get information on how to configure a csv file for import into the new Directory Theme? Is there a step by st..

  • Finda Finda

    Listing description not contained

    Hi Mark, While doing a test, I noticed that when a user types in the “description box”, they can continue typing so that when published, i..

  • Mike Mike

    Custom Menu

    So have created a custom menu. As soon as I added child page links – the main link stops working. Any solutions?..

  • Gerry Gerry

    Ultimate Stupid Question On Data Structure

    Assuming that I create say 50 custom fields for a listing and yes this could be extreme, and not really wanting to get in to why wp works the way it d..

  • Glenn Glenn

    301 Redirects – From POST to Listing_Type

    I have an existing DP 7 site with a few thousand listings. I want to use the new Responsive Directory Theme. Does the transfer plugin that moves the l..

  • Gerry Gerry

    Address & Map Issue

    As many have made comments about the sexy new map – it makes sense – but is not ” idiot proof” This could be considered a bug ..

  • Adam Adam

    Printable Flags for Coupons. What is this?

    Hi all, I’ve read the release notes on the 3.9 update and see this: added printable flag for coupons Can someone explain to me what this is and ..

  • Charles Charles

    Responsive Themes License Agreement

    Hi, Where is the license agreement of Responsive Themes? Thanks!..

  • Jodi Jodi

    Upgrade from DP 7.1.4 – listings became posts?

    Hello, First of all, Fab theme! Thanks muc for changes… I truly hope this is a quick fix. I have just performed a re-install upgrade from DP 7.1..

  • Mike Mike

    Layout & Objects Tool Not Working

    When I make small changes to Layout & Objcts for the home page – all settings previously saved get kicked out – anyone else experience..

  • Shahibur Shahibur

    Responsive directory

    Everything is working perfect. but there is 1 big problem when i click on ”My account ” or member area” I couldn’t see any con..

  • Robert Robert

    Ads by region

    Is it possible to display ads by region? If someone logs on from New Mexico or St Louis for example only ads from that region would show...

  • Mike Mike

    Package Descriptions Formattin

    How do I add formatted content to the Description of each listing Packages – so it reads more fluently? Can html be added?..

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