Directory Theme

  • Bernie Bernie

    CSV Upload question

    Mark I have an interest in using Turbo CSV which I am told will create categories and tags based on the upload. They have a bit of a disclaimer about ..

  • Adam Adam

    What Will Happen? User Signs Up for Listing Package at $0.00, then Price Change

    Hi all, We will be offering our Pro listing package at $0.00 for the first few days of our website launch. This package is set at 60 days. My thought ..

  • Harold Harold

    zoom revisited with code

    I think I found the code that controls the search zoom – If it is would anyone be able to tell me which part to change for a zoom of about 12. m..

  • Harold Harold

    map zoom

    After I do do a search for a business i get a list that shows no problem. When I push the map button , the location pin shows up with no zoom ( entire..

  • Jack Jack

    Static Page

    How do I link to the home page from a static page that I create?..

  • Jack Jack

    Directory Categories

    Hello, My directory categories on my homepage do not direct me to where the listings are. So under casual dining it shows there is 2 listings but when..

  • Kiran Kiran

    Taxonomy Issues not able to append a Packae

    I have created a taxonomy field, added two packages for this, now i would like to add third package(Assign To Package) to the taxonomy field. it wont ..

  • richard richard

    directoypress to responsive directory – not getting it.

    OK.. i bought the responsive theme thinging it was a child theme of directorypress, i just get to use directorypress in a responsive design. Nope, its..

  • garry garry

    Comments in Responsive on directory listing not working

    I am having the following problems with Directory Press responsive theme in the area of Listing comments. Using Internet Explorer, when a customer is ..

  • Harry Harry

    Article Widget on Index page

    How can I add a widget with list of articles on Home page? I don’t need to show all these folders with categories, instead I would prefer to sho..

  • Garrett Garrett

    Membership restricted access?

    Hi everyone, What I would like to do is have a directory created. Where say the front page has listings displayed in the demo, but when clicking the l..

  • Carlo Carlo

    directorypress and

    Hi some questions please: – is directorypress responsive html5 ready? so can i use schema markup? – can i use yoast seo with this? –..

  • Hugo Hugo

    Category Icon size problem

    Hello, I have a problem with the Category Icon size, I want a small icon on my homepage, just like the example pages see the attached example.png. Bec..

  • Glenn Glenn

    Pagination on the Home Page

    Hey Mark, I have added the Recent Listings home page widget and set the query string to &orderby=date&order=DESC&posts_per_page=10. I have..

  • Nathan Nathan

    Setting Up "City" in Advanced Search

    How do I go about setting up a “City” select box in the Advanced Search. Do I first need to Pre-define specific cities in my area? If so, ..


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