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  • Gerry Gerry

    Is it possible to have the listing under a category?

    Is it possible to have the listing under a category for example

  • Gerry Gerry

    Short Code removing hyperlink

    The short codes used in listings is great, but many of them [TITLE] for example is always hyperlinked, any way to remove the hyperlink from a short co..

  • Arlindo Arlindo

    How to display the price in sticker.png?

    How do I stop the form on this image? Picture attached …..

  • JD JD

    [Shortcode] in Sidebar

    The responsive theme is great for customizations with shortcodes. I tried using the [SOCIAL] short code in a sidebar and it doesn’t seem to work..

  • Robert Robert

    Slider Settings

    I added the slider that came with the theme and do not see where I can change the speed or the transition. Anyone know how?..

  • Gerry Gerry

    Bug in Responsive WordPress Themes: Single Post (single.php)

    In the code you have: /* ============================================================================= LOAD PAGE TEMPLATE ============================..

  • Mike Mike

    Adding a Listing Image

    How do I enable a User to add one listing image with their listing...

  • Gerry Gerry

    4.1 Has Caused Plugin To Disappear From Admin

    Call me crazy but I think 4.1 has caused plugins to disappear from the admin menu?..

  • Mike Mike

    New Versions

    How do I know that a new version is ready – is this automatically notified in admin somewhere?..

  • Jo Jo

    DirectoryPress with AuctionPress

    I’ve searched for this in the forums but can’t find what I’m looking for exactly – I hope I’m not asking a repeat questi..

  • Jo Jo

    Paypal callback

    Hi Mark, Using Paypal, payment is taken and the order shows in the back end but when you’re returned to the callback page it says ‘Paypal ..

  • Gerry Gerry

    Great Job Mark

    Hey Mark just thought I would let you know that you are doing a great job on the new theme and many thanks for all the support you give our community ..

  • Darren Darren

    Advanced Search Responsive DP

    Searching by zipcode using the advanced search issue. If search for a category in the “60002” zipcode for instance, I get results for R..

  • David David

    Menu Navigation Links

    When I add dropdowns to my menu navigation (sub items) then the main link above those dropdowns will not work, you simply can’t click it to head..

  • Gerry Gerry

    Custom Import Export Plugin or Script

    I’m loving this latest version and all the support from the community here. But in all honesty I am having a real issue that I have to be able t..

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