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  • Nathan Nathan

    Dumb Question

    Does anyone know where I can find the wp_posts database table so that I can manually go in a delete some information?..

  • Steven Steven

    4.3 Update – ?

    @ Mark – I am just wondering when or approximately the date the update will come out with the enhancement changes?..

  • Radek Radek

    ShrinkTheWeb – Warning: curl_setopt(): CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION

    Hi, I have this warning: Warning: curl_setopt(): CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION cannot be activated when an open_basedir is set in /data/web/virtuals/50612/vi..

  • Paul Paul

    Featured/Highlighted Post in Widget

    Hi Would like to check if we can create a widget that retrieve only Featured/Highlighted listings rather than just recently added listing. is there an..

  • Daniela Daniela

    where is the second headline from

    Hello, I would like to get rid of the second headline – cannot see how. Or combine those two. See attachment. Where can the fonts be changed (po..

  • Hugo Hugo

    looks like the "readmore" ins't working or I don't get it work

    Hello, Can someone please help me because I can’t get the readmore on my blog working. it is about this one […] Regards,..

  • Hugo Hugo

    Category Icon view problem

    Hello, Is it also possible to get a full the view of the icon? when I set it to full page it is shown totally. But when I switch it back to inline it ..

  • Charles Charles

    Does the demo of the responsive directorytheme use the current version?

    Hi, I saw a video with some features that I can’t see in the demo version of the new responsive directorythene. Does the demo of the responsive ..

  • Steven Steven

    Enhancement Issues

    I have included several enhancements with my premium listing package and for some reason it does not say included when going to the submission page of..

  • Paul Paul

    Fonts in DirectoryTheme

    Hi guys, anyone knows how to change the fonts in directory press? or do i need to do it through the CSS?..

  • Phil Phil

    User Photo Problem

    Hey guys, Not sure if I should be asking support here or with the author of the User Photo plugin. I’m using Responsive Directory Theme v4.2 and..

  • Ken Ken

    Anti-Spam for Submissions

    DirectoryPress v7.14 WordPress 3.6 Is there a better solution for controlling spam submissions than requiring a login? Once I began requiring a login ..

  • JD JD

    Directory/Site Serach

    Currently the search box doesn’t show blog posts in the search results. I added the “search everything” wordpress plugin and it stil..


    Create Revenue from DirectoryPress Postings Themselves

    Hi all, It seems like most people aim to earn membership revenue from people/organizations that submit directory listings to the site. I am actually i..

  • Bernie Bernie

    Search Question

    Could someone please clarify for me: With the responsive directory theme 4.2 if I remove the category search in the header, what exactly does the othe..


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