Directory Theme

  • Alan Alan

    Demo view on iPad

    Just looking at the demo on an iPad and it has some problems. See screen shots. Can this be sorted as it doesn’t look good...

  • Steven Steven

    Remove Top Searches

    Is there any way to remove Top Searches under the child theme ANATOLIY ? ( its just under the search area on homepage )..

  • Discopants Discopants

    V9 Home Page Search Bar – United Kingdom

    Hi, On the directory V9 home page search bar the 3rd Column option comes up as United Kingdom only. My directory is based in the UK so this will alway..

  • Dragoescu Dragoescu

    Add the taxonomy link on the listing page

    Hello, Any ideea how i can add the taxonomy on the listigng page? For example, i have 2 taxonomy, location and destination with link betwen! I want to..

  • Dragoescu Dragoescu

    The listing are not visible on the category page

    Hello, Any ideea whay the listing are not visible on the listing category ? For example on this category: I m..

  • Dragoescu Dragoescu

    Edit the default listing page

    Hello, Any ideea how i can edit the default listing page? For example here it’s one listing page:

  • Garry Garry

    Moving a Live App Themes Vantage Site to PP Directory Theme 9.xx

    Hi Has anyone had any success moving a live website from the AppThemes Vantage theme over to the new PP DT9 theme. I have a site with nearly 800 live ..

  • Jason Jason

    How To Display Certain Taxonomy On Page

    Howdy, Am looking for lil help on a code. I know the code to display Categories on a listing page, yet here would like to display a certain Taxonomy I..

  • Discopants Discopants

    Paid Listing Packages

    I have yet to convert my current V8 directory into V9 (I am still playing around with it on another unlaunched site) Currently I have a free listing p..

  • Dragoescu Dragoescu

    How i can edit the content field on the listing page?

    Hello, Any ideea how i can edit the custom field on the listing page? So, for example, I have custom fiels: amount and curency i want to show on the s..

  •  said

    loco translate not working as your video tuto

    hello loco translate not working as your video tuto can you help me thank you..

  •  Jeffrey

    HTTP Error 403 on Invoice.php

    I recently added a forum plugin, Asgaros Fourm to create a forum on my site. For some reason, the forum creates a conflict with being able to retrieve..

  • Garry Garry

    Contact Form Error – NO EMAIL SET (0)

    Hi, has anyone had an issue with the contact form not sending emails on the DT9 (Page Contact Us) page template. I have sent a number of test emails a..

  •  Jeffrey

    Facebook Login

    I am trying to set up the Facebook login and am receiving the following error from Facebook: “URL Blocked: This redirect failed because the redi..

  •  Ole

    Adressblock on Single Listing Page

    Hi, I’ve been looking for hours now …. What should be done so that the address block is displayed, specifically the URL? Thanks alot...


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