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    Problem with DT9 activation on my website already having version 8.9.7

    Good morning, I have a web site in which I use so far “Responsive Directory Theme 8.9.7” and I wish to Switch to the “Directory Them..

  • Discopants Discopants

    Editing Child Theme Design

    Hi, Is it possible to edit the design of the child theme home page with elementor? When I have the child theme installed and I go to the edit home pag..

  • Garry Garry

    Login Redirect Error

    Hi Everyone I am having an issue with the login redirect on my DT9 site When a member logs in via my login pa..

  • Steven Steven

    Change colors? Default directory 9 theme…

    Please tell me we can change the darn colors of the default directory theme. It says to use customizer, but it doe snot work! How can I change the col..

  • Garry Garry

    Listing images are Blurred or out of Focus?

    Hi Everyone I have a strange issue with my DT9 site and could use some help or advice on how to solve it When..

  • Alan Alan

    Child theme additions

    It says on the child theme pages that new child themes will be added every month but there were some added in May and a few in June but then nothing s..

  • Faisal Faisal

    telephone email website

    directory 9 telephone and website field not showing on listing detail page

  • Dragoescu Dragoescu

    I am not able to set up the default language

    Hello, I am try to set up the romanian default language but i am not able to makt this! any ideea how i can make it?! I just folow your video but it&#..

  • Discopants Discopants

    Header Menu

    Hi, V9 Directory theme, when leaving the home page to go to any other page on the site there seems to be a 2nd menu appear in the header with links to..

  •  Vicente

    Translation with Poedit

    Hello community, I have a problem with translations. I have made a translation with Poedit and I have the 2 .po and .mo files. My problem is in which ..

  • Alan Alan

    Single category site

    I need to create a single category site for only one type of business so visitors will only search using location field. So I don’t need any other s..

  • Garry Garry

    Adding a link or search icon to the admin bar

    Hi I am trying to add a search icon (linking to the search page) or a link called search to the admin bar at the top of the page just like the Premium..

  • Charles Charles

    How to modify the Homepage Search Bar in DT9

    Hi. Just installed the new DT9 in a vanilla domain. We need to migrate several old DT versions into DT9 but we need to do some testing before said end..

  • Steven Steven

    Install child theme and modify text?

    I am very confused with the page builder and when I add a child theme. When I add the child theme and then the builder, it always shows the default th..

  • Steven Steven

    Image size – Minimum size to post listing

    Can we change this? I get this when trying o add a listing on my directory I am trying to set up. We support image files of type JPG, JPEG and PNG fil..


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