Directory Theme

  • Melissa Melissa

    Invoice Description

    Where does the directory theme invoice pull the “description” from?..

  • Jackie Jackie

    Question about exporting?

    Can anyone advise me how to export registered user details into excel or csv file? Hope you can help… Jackie..

  •  andy

    One of pages are redirecting to a different page on Mobile only

    A week ago I deleted a page and sent it to trash, but a day later I restored it. The page is now live and it is doing what its suppose to be doing whe..

  •  ujjawal

    how do we upgrade to new theme?

    we have old version of Version 8.9.6 and like to upgrade to latest one. is there any document that we need to follow? or just will be changing theme c..

  • Charles Charles

    Unable to modify the Homepage Content in Design Setup in DT9

    Hi! Just installed the new DT9 in a vanilla domain. We are testing the new theme since we need to move several sites from V7 and V8 into DT9. However,..

  • Jason Jason

    Next Version Update 9.1.7

    Wondering when next is to be released ? Today is Sunday 1st July 2018 and last upload date was approx 3 weeks ago and I’m sure there has been mu..

  •  Robert

    Change size of photo in listing

    Hello, Does anyone have some CSS you could share with me that would allow me to change the dimensions of the photo displayed in the listings. The phot..

  • Mark Fail Mark Fail

    Design Features Preview in Version 9.1.6

    Hi Guys I have been actively following and listening your feedback over the past few weeks and wanted to provide a quick preview of the design options..

  •  Carlos Tinlei

    Geocode was not successful for the following reason: REQUEST_DENIED – directoryp

    Everywhere I have the Google maps for any lissting on directory press theme I get this error: Geocode was not successful for the following reason: REQ..

  •  Philippe

    Email problem

    Hello, directorypress BT version: 8.9.7 Can a person help me by telling me where I can edit (which file) email sends to my clients for new comments on..

  •  Jeffrey

    Access Denied for Exporting all Listings (V9.1.5)

    I’m trying to export the listings (Listings->Manage Listings->Export all) and admin.php is returning “Sorry, you are not allowed to ..

  • Frank Frank

    Duplicate the look and feel of the Blog Manager

    I’m still using the old version of the Business listing template but I think this is a WordPress question. I would like to copy the look and fee..

  •  Didier

    error database connection

    Hello, I’v got some random “error establishing database connection”. My host told me there is a sql request who takes to many time a..

  •  Ozan

    Need a better captcha urgently

    Hi, I am getting tremendous amounts of spam vie contact author form. The current captcha is useless. has anyone a solution to this?..

  • Trina B Trina B

    Modify listing details page DT 8.9.7

    Hi, I’m trying to modify the Business Directory Theme 8.9.7 content-single-listing-business.php file and remove all the tabs from the listing de..

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