Directory Theme


    Carousel Timing

    I’m using the Directory Theme and the Business Directory Theme as Child theme. I use Page Builder. I want to make the carousel timing on my home..

  •  Ozan

    Need a better captcha urgently

    Hi, I am getting tremendous amounts of spam vie contact author form. The current captcha is useless. has anyone a solution to this?..

  •  Valery

    Problem with post date in home page

    Hello, I can not solve the problem of displaying the date on the items listed in the home page. It is written 01 JAN in preview (see https://www.ousur..

  • Mark Mark

    Search Bar

    Hi i am using the latest Directory Theme, my question within the search bar on the front page you have the following fields, Keyword Category and loca..

  • Christian Christian

    Maps no longer show any added locations

    Hello, on the mainpage of there is a maps wich used to have all listings, now it displays none. I recently had a php upgrade on that s..

  •  Ole

    turn off Media Space and Youtube on Add Listing

    Hi, i wan’t that users only give a description and category to add an listing, How I can turn off media upload an Youtube? DT 9.1.9 Thank you...

  • Ramon Ramon

    Directory Theme's Looking Good

    Well I’ve had a couple of months off to give the Directory Theme a chance to get it’s arse into gear, rather than perpetually moaning abou..

  • Trina B Trina B

    Frontpage search category issue

    Hi, I am a user of Directory Theme version 9.1.9 and want to know how I can solve the problem of the category scrolling list of the search engine on t..

  •  Valery

    HTML Code in submission page

    Hello, When my users write a description for their website in submission page, they can not choose h2 or bold text, etc. Only plain text is accepted. ..

  • Kelly Kelly


    Is the database for the new DT compatible with the old BT (version 8.9)? Or is there a migration tool? Kelly..

  • Mario Mario

    Migration issues 8.9.6 to 9.1.5

    I have made an exact duplicate of my website and downloaded and installed locally. LAtest WordPress and latest PHP. I used the following article to in..

  • Silvano Agostino Silvano Agostino

    Menu Bug

    Hi, in the search bar the categories menu collapse in the categories list. Solutions?..


    Payment Gateway Error, Please Help!

    I’m using the Responsive Directory Theme and the Business Directory Theme as Child theme. I integrated and configured the payment gateway with t..

  • Tim Tim

    Directory Listing Packages Version 9

    So am I missing something or is the option to have multiple listing packages and upgrades not available in Version 9?..

  •  Khari

    I'd like to remove the star ratings from listings & keep everything else intact.

    Star ratings might detract from what the website is trying to accomplish and I’d like to remove the feature completely...


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