Directory Theme

  •  Dario

    Coming soon page

    Hi, sorry for my english. I want to know how I´ve to put “coming soon page” because I want to finish before put online. Also can be ̶..

  • Frank Frank

    Remove the "my account and search box" in the header area ver# 9

    Anyone knows the CSS code to remove the “My account link and the search box” in Version 9 template? I have a lifetime premium press licens..

  • patrik patrik

    Directory theme v9 same "drama"?

    So after many years I expected this theme be polished and simply working fantastic. So I installed Directory on cpanel hosting /no drama, no plugins/...

  • Trina B Trina B

    Custom field position

    Hi, I want to know if there is any way to show a custom field in the listing result. I’m using Directory Theme Version 9.2.1. Thank you..

  • Frank Frank

    Building Query String Help.

    I would like help building a few queries the premium press page builder plugin. For example, I would like to display all..

  •  Belle

    Advanced search in Directory Listing V9

    I just upgraded my site to V9 and installed Elementor. Since the upgrade, I lost my advanced search capabilities. In the prior version, I was able to ..

  • Steven Steven

    Search Fields For Category – Custom Fields Not Showing – Image sizes

    ISSUE 1. Is there any way to change the search form on the directory main homepage? Seriously, the categories are all cramped up and go on 2 or 3 line..


    Currency Symbol Not Showing the Desired symbol..

    I just switched payment currency from Naira (N) to Dollar($), but the currency symbol is still showing no symbol of Naira (NGN) nor the Dollar($) symb..

  •  Mitchell

    Has anyone successfully exported a version v8.9.7 to 9.x directory theme

    Has anyone successfully exported a version v8.9.7 to 9.x directory theme with CSV or database tables or other methods? Users and listings?..

  • Steven Steven

    REMOVE reviews and stars from listings.

    is there not a way to remove the darn stars under the listings on homepage? I have comments disabled and so NOT want start ratings active. I just want..

  •  Carl

    Font Change in Top Navigation Menu and Background Change

    I was wondering how to change the font size, etc. in the Top Navigation Menu and how to change the background “hash marks.” I’m usin..

  • Steven Steven

    Package Description – Featured Listing redundancy

    Hello all, 1. In the default listing. It shows as being standard and has a description. Is there anyone to modify this title and description which doi..

  •  Mark

    Listings & Memberships

    For my next directory project I am looking for two key features:- 1. Enable free listings for contributors (probably 1 each) 2. Paid access to the dir..

  • Steven Steven

    Cramped Up Mobile Look – Homepage

    hello, There are Blog articles that get added by default when installed the default directory theme. These are also shown on the homepage the latest p..

  • Mario Mario

    Migration issues 8.9.6 to 9.1.5

    I have made an exact duplicate of my website and downloaded and installed locally. LAtest WordPress and latest PHP. I used the following article to in..


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