Dating Theme

  •  Julian

    quick question

    I am running the dating theme..and I am setting it up free..maybe paid memberships down road..but what Im trying to understand is..members vs listings..

  •  Julian


    Before I work more on my site…I need to know about the site is HTTP but has to go to HTTPS..when its done…if not..passwords can be stole..

  • Francois Francois

    Membership Access

    Hi, is there a default setting where I can restrict for example Membership 1 from accessing Membership 2, 3 and 4? I know you can go to Listings Manag..

  •  Julian

    @media options

    Is there code I can use that will make the entire website responsive on mobile.. on my mobile shows the “under construction”..

  •  Na

    Category photo in mobile devices

    Hi, I uploaded photos through big icon path. The photos could show in desktop and IPad but could not show in smartphones. I once guessed it was pixel ..

  • Ron Ron

    How can I change the landing page after the "Register" button is clicked?

    Please help before I pull all my hair out!!!!! How can I change the landing page after the “Register” button is clicked? Right now when a ..

  •  Julian

    Pending appoval

    I thinkI have alot figured out now..Thanks for all the Help Everyone…nothing like trial and error a million… I have a simple qu..

  •  Julian

    am I going Insane?

    Cheers to anyone whom may have an actual solution.. I added a profile.(me) to my dating website..I fill out the fields then add my shows ..

  • Discopants Discopants

    Search Listing Restriction

    Hi, Please can you tell me if it is possible to restrict access to The search listings page, for example only logged in users can see the search resul..

  •  Julian

    For Mark (or anyone whom knows)Dating theme overall

    I have just purchased the dating theme and over all its a bit confusing with listings etc..because they should be profiles…but neither here nor ..

  •  Na

    Select and deselect all multiple checkbox

    How to select and deselect all multiple checkbox?..

  • Kashif Kashif

    Dating theme search field

    I want to remove the high lighted fields in dating theme in the snapshot below? Please help if anyone knows how to! Kind Regards..

  •  Michael

    Drop-Down List Options in Add Profile not showing

    I may be overlooking some piece of code in the php file. For instance, daeth should show 10 choices, but shows only 5. The same applies to daeyes, dah..

  •  Na

    The content of [Related perrow] are different

    When I turn “ON” Enable Custom Display under Page Setup > Listing Page, the [Related perrow] shows all the information such as title, e..

  •  Na

    Can't pay for Enhancement and Upgrade plan

    When I am adding a listing, in the left column there is the upgrade plan and enhancement selection. I choose a new upgrade plan and some enhancement a..

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