Dating Theme

  • Mike Mike

    Facebook style Statistics

    @Mark – would you please add Facebook style indicators which appear as breadcrumbs [and also in the Page Title] – about several keys eleme..

  • yosef yosef

    Video chat ?

    Where is the advertised video chat ? it is useless without it , or integrate arrowchat or cometchat with it ...

  • Mike Mike

    Fixed Country Pages

    Is there a way to fix country pages, so that the site opens per country location – this would be an excellent feature. Does anyone know of a plu..

  • Walter Walter

    Adding more options to Profile Display

    Hi, How do I add more display options when the profile is displayed. I would like to display eye color,hair color etc right under age. Thx..

  • Mike Mike

    Mobile Site CSS

    So having made extensive changes to the stylesheet, but NO changes to any of the styles which relate to the mobile site, to what extent does the mobil..

  • Mike Mike

    CSS For Menu

    Am attempting to change the main navigation menu’s font size and am unable to find the correct CSS. Can someone please tell what that is?..

  • Mike Mike

    Listings Widget Squashes Thumbnail

    My listings Widget squashes the thumbnail image when rendering in the sidebar. How to adjust the proportions to make it look more real?..

  • Flo Flo

    Listings and Users – Dating Theme does not link up.

    Can someone please tell me why Listings and Users does not link up some how and what is displayed is what is in Listings...

  •  Walter

    user in map and geolocation

    Is avalaible any code for show in map user near my registered address ? ..better explain: i’m a user and registered with the city where live, no..

  • Flo Flo

    Search Widget and Bar – some areas of concern

    The search does not have an application where by you can input a drop down list. The advanced search box in the widget area – you cannot change ..

  • Mike Mike

    Footer Widgets Not Saving Correctly

    @Mark F Haning added content to the Footer Left…. The content appears on all the other footers. Having added new content to Footer middle –..

  • Mike Mike

    Password a Category

    I would like to add a password to block a particular category – which will comprise only adult dating. I aim to use this as a premium chargeable..

  • Mike Mike

    Cannot Add Link On The Object Editor

    Tried to Add A Link using the Object Editor tool and this does not work correctly. Used Opera & Firefox..

  • Mike Mike

    Forcing Search Content

    Is there a way to force visitors to add some content into the search form – so all the results dont show up – if it is left blank?..

  • Dave Dave

    Editing "built in" custom fields

    Hi. I am attempting to customize the Dating Theme for a particular purpose (adult service providers), and need to affect several of the “built i..

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