Dating Theme

  • Rod Rod

    Agencypres Create a conditional statement-force new sign ups to create profiles

    I mentioned this in the ideas sections, but is there a simple code or hook that I can use that will make it a requirement for sign ups to create profi..

  • Mike Mike

    footer CSS

    Looking to restrict my footer to a max of 1000px. When I edit the style the width changes but the footer does not center as I want. How do I achive th..

  • Mike Mike

    Link CSS

    For some reason I cannot seem to affect the colour of my live links in the footer. I use this: font-family:Verdana, Geneva, sans-serif #000; font-size..

  • Mike Mike

    Listing CSS

    So I am looking to apply CSS change just to the listing page: Content Labels Profile Content Listing Tabs [Add Favourites, send gift etc] What are the..

  • Mike Mike

    Target Area Map Please?

    It would be great to be able to offer User a map with their target areas. There is no easy way of modelling such an important metric for the Users? Pe..

  • David David


    What is the group for? Can it be used to create several chat rooms? If not is there a way to create several chatrooms? How can I create a group?..

  • Mike Mike

    Removing Footer

    Is it possible to remove the footer from my home page only?..

  • Mike Mike

    Automatic Logging Out

    So I am editing new listings edit listing publish listing perhaps after the 4th or so of this process – the script logos me out without warning...

  • Mike Mike

    Turning Off "View All"

    Turning Off “View All” – how do I achieve this – I cant see for looking..

  •  Walter

    Miles to Kilometer in Distance

    How for change in Distance from Miles to Kilometer ? since here europe and use Kilometer thanks..

  • Flo Flo

    Premiumpress blogs does not feed into the search engine

    I noticed that the premiumpress blog does not get fed into the SEO. When I check google i cannot see any of my posts in comparison to my other wordpre..

  • Mike Mike

    Selcting Multiple Categories

    It is not possible to allocate a User to multiple Category. Does any one know how to?..

  • Mike Mike

    Package Set Up

    I would like to set up a packages by which the vistor can view listings, but has to sign up to communicate with the Member...

  •  mike

    Hide search results/listings from non logged-in users

    Hi, I’ve just setup the new dating theme and wonder what the best way is to hide search results/listings from non logged-in users. I’ve tr..

  • Mike Mike

    Matching Feature

    Is there the all important dates “matching” feature which presents the Member with a group of dating prospects which suits the member tast..

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