Dating Theme

  • Mike Mike

    My Account Icons

    I am looking for the my account icons found in the members area which identify links like: My Account Create Profile My Website …and I cant find..

  •  John

    How do I change the large photo with the young couple?

    My dating program will have older adults. The young people in the photo just won’t work for me. Can anyone tell me where I replace it?..

  • Mike Mike

    Category Landing Page

    So I am looking to create a Landing Page for prime Categories. I would like to add a selction of search results randomised on that same page. If my ca..

  • Rod Rod

    Agencypres Create a conditional statement-force new sign ups to create profiles

    I mentioned this in the ideas sections, but is there a simple code or hook that I can use that will make it a requirement for sign ups to create profi..

  • Mike Mike

    footer CSS

    Looking to restrict my footer to a max of 1000px. When I edit the style the width changes but the footer does not center as I want. How do I achive th..

  • Mike Mike

    Link CSS

    For some reason I cannot seem to affect the colour of my live links in the footer. I use this: font-family:Verdana, Geneva, sans-serif #000; font-size..

  • Mike Mike

    Listing CSS

    So I am looking to apply CSS change just to the listing page: Content Labels Profile Content Listing Tabs [Add Favourites, send gift etc] What are the..

  • Mike Mike

    Target Area Map Please?

    It would be great to be able to offer User a map with their target areas. There is no easy way of modelling such an important metric for the Users? Pe..

  • David David


    What is the group for? Can it be used to create several chat rooms? If not is there a way to create several chatrooms? How can I create a group?..

  • Mike Mike

    Removing Footer

    Is it possible to remove the footer from my home page only?..

  • Mike Mike

    Automatic Logging Out

    So I am editing new listings edit listing publish listing perhaps after the 4th or so of this process – the script logos me out without warning...

  • Mike Mike

    Turning Off "View All"

    Turning Off “View All” – how do I achieve this – I cant see for looking..

  •  Walter

    Miles to Kilometer in Distance

    How for change in Distance from Miles to Kilometer ? since here europe and use Kilometer thanks..

  • Flo Flo

    Premiumpress blogs does not feed into the search engine

    I noticed that the premiumpress blog does not get fed into the SEO. When I check google i cannot see any of my posts in comparison to my other wordpre..

  • Mike Mike

    Selcting Multiple Categories

    It is not possible to allocate a User to multiple Category. Does any one know how to?..


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