Dating Theme

  •  Ilse

    Chat room not working

    I’ve just installed the theme on Word Press 4.9.5, everything seems to be working, but the chat room does not open. I looked in the console, deb..

  •  Dien

    Dating theme to Social network like Facebook?

    Can I use the dating theme and change it around to become a social network Website like Facebook for example but doesn’t have to be a copycat? H..

  •  Francisco

    Change search field

    Hi, how can I change the content of the selector to man, woman, couple and group, without the other 4? I have touched all the serch fields but it stil..

  • Silvia Silvia

    Enhancementbox – Total payment

    In my DatingTheme I don’t want to use enhancements. If I switch of the enhancements in the admin menu the system still show the box with the tot..

  • George George

    How to set-up top 50 cities so people don't sign-up in empty areas…

    I’m setting up but don’t want to use fake profiles. So how can I set-up 50 top cities so i can quickly have people sign-up..

  • Nguyen Nguyen

    How to name Categories for Dating site?

    Hello, I am new and I don’t know how to name the profile categories. Could you please give some idea or example? May I name categories likes: As..

  •  Julian

    just a general question to theme

    cheers..I was wondering if anybody would know why my site is getting lots of fake registrations…they cant go anywhere unless they fill out all p..

  •  Julian


    Cheers Gurus Is there anyway to stretch the grey area background padding on the blog page only..if you look in pics I attached..I used .container{ wid..

  •  Lauren

    sideways user photos via mobile phone

    When user uploads photo on a mobile phone, all of the photos are showing up sideways. Is there any way to fix this?..

  •  Julian

    Button link

    Cheers everyone I am looking to see how I can make the button in photo redirect to this..I have tried many ways with works in inspector eleme..

  •  Julian

    floating menu

    cheers I use this code to float menu..but its keeps going behind other stuff on page..other stuff on pages overlap this..what am I missing to make the..

  •  Julian


    Cheers can anyone tellme how to add a button in the screen shot where i show in attached picture…I just want to add a button which will be used ..

  •  Julian

    button update

    Is there a way to include this when some looks on mobile..I have the invite chat button working..but cant get the portion in attachment to show in mob..

  •  Julian


    Cheers to Josh or anyone whom knows I recently purchased comet chat Mark recommends it for a chat program if you use premium press dating theme…..

  •  Julian


    Cheers Dating theme–child theme S1……I have purchased cometchat from looking at marks works fine except when you ..


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