Coupon Theme

  • Matthew Matthew

    Child Themes Not Working

    Child themes can’t be installed. It’s also very annoying how you decided to completely overhaul the default theme with your update… ..

  •  Ajay

    Single page theme is gone ?

    We have updated the latest version of coupon theme v9, but our old single page coupon theme is gone. It important for us to get a single store page, r..

  • Jörg Jörg

    My Account Template

    Hi, i remember in the last version that’s more setting options for members. In the backend you can in the last version for example turn off the ..

  • Jörg Jörg

    How can i change the topbar

    Hi, I can not find anything where I can change the topbar. in the menus, no menu is activated to change that..

  • Jörg Jörg

    Language change

    Hi, How can I change the language? I’ve already tried everything define in the config have deleted the other language file but the language stay..

  • Jörg Jörg

    Homepage Slider

    Hi, is it possible to install more than 2 slides under “Homepage Contet”? In Pagebuilder you can insert more pictures but no links thx..

  • Jörg Jörg

    Question – what is planned with the deals?

    Hi, is there a template to edit and also the selection options, sort by date, expiration date, etc. as in the coupons? and is added to the custom post..

  • Jörg Jörg

    Affiliti Link is not used!!!

    Hi, The registered affiliti link is not used on any page!!! everywhere only the website link is shown by “Use this code at…” and ..

  • Jörg Jörg

    Currency in "YOU SAVE"

    Hi, the currency Symbols show by “YOU SAVE”..

  •  vanessa

    please help me with first image in listing shortcode

    Can someone tell me is there a way that when you use listing shortcode that the first image is the store icon instead of first image attached??? using..

  • Astrid Astrid

    Layout homepage (alignment)

    Hi, I’m using couon theme 9.1.6 and am having trouble with alignment on the homepage. I am using Elementor and used the store carousel and coupo..

  • Astrid Astrid

    Add Coupon Button

    Hi, I am using coupon theme 9.1.6 and have questions about the add coupon button on the homepage. (see attachment) 1. Can the button be removed? 2. if..

  • Matthew Matthew

    CSS class for expired listings?

    I’ve enabled expired listings to be included in the results (mainly for SEO), but I’m unable to find any css class associated to the expir..

  • Astrid Astrid

    Appearance Featured Deals

    Hi I am using Couponcode 9.1.6 and am currently trying to create my new homepage using Elementor. You can choose to insert a Widget-deals on the homep..

  • Matthew Matthew

    Upgraded from 9.1.5 to 9.1.6 – All Listing Links Broken

    Since updating the theme, I have noticed that all the coupon code / offer links are coming out as “undefined”. out/undefined/link/ and /?_..

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