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  • Astrid Astrid

    Issues with 9.2.1 coupon theme

    Hi Mark, On numerous occasions have I addressed issues with the new V9 CP theme. The issues have still not been resolved in the new release 9.2.1. I w..

  • Chris Chris

    9.2 Stores page – Stores not listing

    Since installing 9.2 today in a staging area, My store page is not displaying the list of stores. I have assigned the COUPON – STORES LIST templ..

  • Chris Chris

    9.2 Coupon Details / Coupon Types

    How can we edit the naming of the Coupon Types? Instead of ignoring this functionality like I did in v8, I would like to be able to rename these 3 Cou..

  • scott scott

    Search Results Filter

    Hi all, Does the search results filter actually work for anyone? I’m referring to the filter bar attached, the one that you can filter between c..

  •  Bernt

    Link cloaking and click to copy

    Hi there, In the new version there isn’t any link cloaking? I can’t find it. Is there somebody that can help me? And the theme automatical..

  • Sahil Sahil

    Coupon Popup Customazion

    Hi, Please allow us coupon pop up customization. Regards, Sahil..

  • Becky Becky

    Icodes Images not importing

    Hello – I just installed the responsive coupon theme and icodes plugin. Images for stores and coupons are not importing and wondered if you coul..

  • Srinivasa Raja Srinivasa Raja

    Issues with PRINTable coupons

    Hi there, I have tried to find answers to this question in this forum and tried few suggestions, but it doesn’t seems to be working for me. Prev..

  • Jörg Jörg

    Languages file problem after update

    Hi, i update the theme to 9.1.7 and i have problems with loco translate. issue : No translations found for “tgmpa” tgmpa, i remeber was pr..

  • Anthony Anthony

    Add Coupon – Store list is not alphabetic

    Hi there, On the add new coupon page, the store list is in a random order so it’s hard to find the store you’re looking for in a long list..

  • Chi?n Chi?n

    Help – Error with CouponID – Google index duplicates 2000 times.

    Hello everyone. I am currently experiencing very serious bug with Theme Coupon For people to understand what I am having serious error , please see be..

  • Matthew Matthew

    Query string for Popular Listings within a time period?

    Is it possible to add a query string to the [LISTINGS] shortcode that will list deals based on hits within a certain time period? Popular Deals this m..

  • scott scott

    Page Customisation

    Has page setup/customisation been taken away in V9 or am i missing something obvious? In V8 we could enable a custom display and create a layout from ..

  •  Sumit

    Unable to Show More Than 100 Stores on ALL STORE PAGE.

    Hello, I am unable to show ALL Stores with [STORES] Short codes on Page template. It display only 100 store on the page. so can You please guys how ca..

  • scott scott

    Custom Fields Help

    Hi all, I want to change how a value displays from a custom field on the front end of the site. For example Coupon type is either number 1 or 2. 1 = C..


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