Coupon Theme

  • Erik Erik

    coupon not showing in get code

    Everything working but the coupon code not showing up after posting? Any ideas anyone..

  • Sebastien Sebastien

    images size in slider

    with Chrome my slider image size are well but in Firefox or IE the image is displayed as is full size. Is there anything to modify to correct this ? l..

  •  Anonymous

    Need a Fully setup for Coupon Theme

    Hi Mark I’m just completely Knackered fixing issues, Is there any way you can provide a fully functional theme just like your demo ? Many thanks..

  • Site builder Site builder

    Discount codes showing in google snippets

    I am running CouponPress but i am finding that the discount codes are showing up in google in the descrption snippet. I would like to remove these as ..

  • Praveen Praveen

    How to Favourite a coupon

    Hi, I see there is a favourite options in account section, but how to favourite a coupons?..

  • Keith Keith

    Google maps update from backend

    When using the responsive coupon theme. how can I update google map locations from the admin area of wordpress? The solution up to this point seamed t..

  • Christopher Christopher

    Posts on Home Page & Pop Up

    How can you get recent blog posts on the home page. For example, when I use a regular theme, The ‘Hello World’ post shows on the home page..

  • Praveen Praveen

    Where to edit My Account section

    Hi, Do anyone know where can i edit the content of “My Account” section? I see its being called by a javascript, but not sure which file i..

  • Sylwester Sylwester

    Category slug change

    I prefer to change category slug name to older just like in couponpress I mean not

  • Wayne Wayne

    IPhone Display Problem

    Anyone else see this? Got a customer complaint from a customer using an IPhone. Seems they are using the new IOS7 operating system and when they press..

  • Wayne Wayne

    CBUTTON Does Display Correct Color

    I have put a CBUTTON in the Coupon and Listing page. The Coupon page shows the Print button correctly in blue, but on the listing page it’s oran..

  • Lisette Lisette

    Framework 5.2 Update

    You have no idea how happy I was when I saw this: “added option to include pages/posts in search results” Now I was wondering where can I ..

  • Wayne Wayne

    Empty Categories – Home Categories Object

    Does not appear to obey selection to Hide Empty Categories?..

  • David David

    3rd Times a charm? How to Add descriptions to store pages! :)

    General Setup –>General Settings–>Turn on Categories description!! Ta-dah!! Everything will show up...

  • Wayne Wayne

    Facebook Connect

    Does anyone have a Facebook Connect plugin working? Would like to know its name...


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