Coupon Theme

  • Justin Justin

    Restrict Page unless they have a membership

    Two part question: 1) How do I force a visitor to chose a membership package in order to register. Currently they can register and it doesn’t pr..

  • Praveen Praveen

    How to put twitter share button inside coupon

    How to embed twitter button inside each coupons, so that i takes the coupon url automatically...

  • David David

    Search box in header

    Does anyone know how to do this? TIA! p.s. Not really a .php coder. :-/..

  • Mostafa Mostafa

    Listing Page Display

    Hello, I wanna the correct code for Listing Page Display on couponpress theme responsive..

  • slvester slvester

    i codes import

    i try to import coupons with icodes plugin why its not save for each category its importing without any category..

  • Chue Chue

    How to add text description to custom fields and custom Taxonomies?

    How to add text description to custom fields and custom Taxonomies? I see that for the Store Taxonomy, I can add text such as [STORE text=”More ..

  • David David

    How To Add Search Bar To Header Area

    I’ve seen a few similar type of posts, but nothing really direct. How do I add a search bar in my header area? Is there an easy way? I do like t..

  • Praveen Praveen

    Modal window help needed!

    Hi Mark, I was able to trigger the modal window once the coupon button is clicked. But im not able to call the data like coupon code, affiliate link i..

  • Kristian Kristian

    Change link structure

    Hi Mark Is it possible to change the links from: to (localized..

  • Tendeka Daniel Tendeka Daniel


    how to make coupons in responsive theme sticky..

  • Kristian Kristian

    How do I activate the coupons?

    Hi Mark This might be a stupid qustions, but I haven’t been able to figure out, how to show the “click to reveal” link/button after ..


    List coupons expire today or in few days

    Hello How to have list in widget or in page of coupons expire today or in 7 days .. Thanks a lot !..

  • Lisette Lisette

    GD Star rating space ( )

    Between the gd star images there’s a space added ( ). Is there a way to get rid of it? I already looked at the file called class_white_labe..

  • Stephen Stephen

    Important Tweak for header.php

    If you are using the Better WordPress Security plugin your users my not be able to login after registering if you have the ‘Hide’ function..

  • Kusum Kusum

    Fix Needed

    Hi Mark I am using the Grid Layout for the Recent Listing (Navigation > Display Setting > Home Page > Layout & Objects). The Width of the..

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