Coupon Theme

  • Danilo Danilo

    Saving Coupon Code and Link

    Hello, For some reason coupon code and link get not saved when -inserted via frontend. Even if i modify it. Nothing happens. While if i create the new..

  • Dharmendra Dharmendra

    How Create a popup window for subscribe now form

    Hi, i want to create a popup window for the subscribe now widget. How to create so?..

  • Angus Angus


    So this is going to be another ‘stupid’ question, but i can’t find an answer anywhere. Could someone enlighten me as to how a user w..

  • sandeep sandeep

    CSV Import option

    Hi i Have downloaded Responsive coupon theme, and installed it on my website. Now i am not getting CSV import option in admin. I an only see import co..

  • Dave Dave

    Have some merchants Skimlinks and some Normal Affiliate Links?

    Hey Mark and guys, Setup the old couponpress theme before and looking to setup the site from scratch with responsive coupon theme, presume this new th..

  • Kamal Goyal Kamal Goyal

    Related Coupons and Stores

    How to enable related coupons on listing page and stores on store page based on cateogry? theme: Coupon Responsive Site:

  • sandeep sandeep

    Are there any videos for responsive Coupon theme?

    Hi I want to start a coupon website. are there some video tutorial for responsive coupon theme. i can only get videos for responsive directory theme...

  • Stephen Stephen

    Skimlinks Question with CSV

    I can’t seem to figure out where prepend and append our skimlinks url. Should it be attached to the URL or to the link column in the CSV being i..

  • Jasper Jasper

    Listings view on homepage – is there option for a coupon pop up button

    Hi My site is, I am using the responsive coupon theme. Nice moment earlier this week when I had my first conversion but itR..

  • Robert Robert

    Mailing List – Replace Background Image

    I created a background image that I wish to use in the newsletter widget. I replaced one of the images: wp-content/themes/CP42/framework/img/forms/mai..

  • Jennifer Jennifer

    Slider on Child Theme

    And Do you know how i can set up the slider ? i have the child theme (green one with the first name start with a ” P” ) how can i get it t..

  • Praveen Praveen

    Disable breadcrumbs on all pages

    Hi, How to disable breadcrumbs on all pages?..

  • Víctor Víctor

    Shortcode for Popular Coupons (Most Viewed))

    Hey guys! I would like to create a page and sort the coupons by popular or most viewed. Is there any shortcode for this I have tried with [LISTINGS or..

  • Jennifer Jennifer

    turn coupons in to catagory

    In my I have it set to all my coupons can be in a catagory. But I don’t know how to do that in the theme. I’m using the green ch..

  • Gangadhar Gangadhar

    How can I add Store name in Store Page?

    Hello, How can I add store name in store page. Example: Store name: Amazon Need to add Amazon instead of Search Results. Thanks...


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