Coupon Theme

  • Ryder Ryder

    Breadcrumbs not displaying properly

    I have a coupon setup in parent categories like this: -Services -Business Services -Web Hosting For some reason the breadcrumbs are appearing like thi..

  • David David

    Menu Help Please :) Current page

    Hi gang… The current page is always highlighted. Is there a way to stop this action from happening with CSS? I want the highlighted action only ..

  • Eliane Eliane

    Use a additional shortcodes plugin

    Hi, is it possible to use a additional Shortcodes plugin for example make boxes? Thabks for your help..

  • Crystal Crystal

    Category Shortcode

    Is there a shortcode that can target specific coupon categories or stores? Thanks...

  • Jasper Jasper

    Linking to store page or straight to advertiser from coupon image

    Hi all I have a question regarding the linking possibilities in the Responsive Coupon Theme. Most voucher sites link to the store page with the variou..

  • Brian Brian

    Content Layouts: Print Layout?

    I need to make changes to the layout of printed coupons. It appears to me that regardless of how I change the layout of the listing page, a printed co..

  • Lisette Lisette

    Listing display style

    There’s an option for visitors to switch between grid and list on the store page. Is this also available on the front page?..

  • Jasper Jasper

    Which file to edit these words?

    Hi all I want to edit some terminology and fonts inside my listings template. I am using the Responsive Coupon Theme. The problem is I can’t fin..

  • naweed naweed

    Show review on store page

    Hi, with couponpress, I was able to write a review on the taxonomy store page. With the new responsive coupon theme, the review that I write are no mo..

  • Crystal Crystal

    Remove link from [STORE]

    Hi, is there a way to display the store name without the hyperlink? Thanks in advance for your help...

  • slvester slvester

    icodes customise the Imported Coupon title

    how to customise the Imported Coupon title/description from icodes At the moment I have many of pages (coupons) that carry the same title tag. For exa..

  • David David

    How to re-order the conpons in the same store

    Hi, In the same store, there are 1-2 coupons are more popular, I want to list it at the top, there are some coupons which are not so popular or have l..

  • Aaron Aaron

    4.7 Expiry Setup Issues

    Updated to 4.7 and it appears the expiry options have completely changed. The way it worked in 4.6 was perfect, now I have: Coupon Start Date Coupon E..

  • naweed naweed

    (Urgent) Revert back to old theme

    Hi, I have upgraded to the new responsive coupon theme. How can I revert back to couponpress? When I activate couponpress, the coupons have disappear..

  • naweed naweed

    Cannot upgrate couponpress to responsive theme

    Hi, I cannot upgrade my couponpress theme to responsive coupon theme. The coupons are being imported as posts instead of coupons. Anyone know how to u..

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