Coupon Theme

  • Jörg Jörg

    Pagepeeker with HTTP 500

    Hi, i have a prob with the pagepeeker no picture is displayed! lately i always get 500 errors something has changed? thx..

  • Chris Chris

    Anyone hired / outsourced child theme design? Codeable?

    I am looking to hire someone experienced with premiumpress themes and it’s *issues* to create a custom child theme for me. I followed the link i..

  •  Richard

    V9 store pages are all 404

    I newly installed the new coupon theme but somehow the store pages are all 404, even add a new category would still be the same. only can open coupon ..

  •  Richard

    Urgent!! Please help with new theme!

    After I installed the v9 template, my website’s both front page and admin page became HTTP ERROR 500, I dont know how to switch it back to the o..

  • ayman ayman

    i want upgrade

    @Mark Fail When Can upgrade from 8.9.6 to 9. thanks..

  •  Abhishek

    Show store icon in Category Specific Page

    How to show store icon in category page instead of discount image. Is there any option? It will be useful for the visitor to show store icon since use..

  • Sylwester Sylwester

    Coupon Theme older version

    Hello, where to download older version like 8.9.6?..

  •  Long

    Error: coupon themes

    After I downloaded your v9 update on September 20, 2018, an error occurred: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘[‘, expecting ‘)&..

  • hai hai

    CouponPress V9 Issue

    About 3 days to optimize the site and features but today I try to post a coupon and it does not display at home page, it does not display at store pag..

  • Sylwester Sylwester

    RSS Feed for coupon theme?

    Hello, i have Coupon theme ver 9.0 What is rss feed address? Old was Please post asap..

  •  vanessa

    Need to redirect default login to advertisement page

    Hi. I try to add the Membership shortcode but it does not work. It gives error. says something like: Warning: illegal string offset in lines 903 and a..

  • hai hai

    How guest/user rate the post with heart icon?

    Hi Check the demo post at here You can see there is a number “93” next the heart icon..

  • Jörg Jörg

    Translate missing

    Hi, take look on the Picture, the translation is missing for the words expired and success. thx..

  •  Daniale

    Llanguage switcher not visible

    Hello, i have 2 languages (english and german) displayed, language switcher is “on”, everything is saved but it doesn’t show the lan..

  • Roland Roland

    No Access Sorry your membership level prevents access to this listing.

    I have two pages with coupons. At one page I see all the coupons (without register) and at the other page I get the message: No Access Sorry your memb..


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