Coupon Theme

  • Matthew Matthew

    Create Header With Elementor?


  • scott scott

    Older versions of themes

    Hi all, I’m still using version 8.9.7 until the import tool is available. Is there anywhere I can still download older versions? I’m after..

  •  Bernt

    Link cloaking and click to copy

    Hi there, In the new version there isn’t any link cloaking? I can’t find it. Is there somebody that can help me? And the theme automatical..

  • naveen naveen

    How to block _sid= from robots.txt ?

    Hi Member, Can any one let me know how can i block k _sid= from robots.txt ? Check attachment Thanks in Advance..

  • Anthony Anthony

    Cannot get the store page to show either the small or big description

    Hi, I can’t seem to get the single store page to match the elementor design for the page. It should have the store description on the right hand..

  • Chi?n Chi?n

    Error Button Coupon Do Not Work Then Minify CSS HTML JS by CloudFlare

    My website has speed slow loading, so I went to the solution with CloudFlare. In Speed, they have CSS, HTML, JS Minify. After I used that function, th..

  •  venugopal

    Stores Page is not working

    Hello all, I created a store and when i click this link it says “Page not found”. Seems like some err..

  • Amanpreet Amanpreet

    Error: Updated to latest version

    Hi I have been trying to update the coupon press theme (version: 8.3) to latest version. But the listings are not displayed after updating to latest v..

  • ayman ayman

    i want upgrade

    @Mark Fail When Can upgrade from 8.9.6 to 9. thanks..

  • naveen naveen

    Deal Page Design

    Hi, Mark can you design deal page like attachment in next update ? Its look clear and show more deal on single page...

  • Jörg Jörg

    Languages file problem after update

    Hi, i update the theme to 9.1.7 and i have problems with loco translate. issue : No translations found for “tgmpa” tgmpa, i remeber was pr..

  •  Gopala Krishna

    Diplay one coupon from every store in Home page.

    Hi Everyone, This is my new coupon website – I need a help on my home page. Currently the coupons are displaying from the sa..

  •  Abhishek

    Demo Data Coupon Press

    Hi, Where i can find demo data? I would love this template ( How would I set this up on my website...

  • Sofie Sofie

    Deals per page

    Hello, Is it possible to add a selection list with number of deals per page? See attachment. Thanks, Sofie..

  • Sofie Sofie


    Hello, It’s not possible to use the searchform in the header at categories and stores. Is it possible to change it? See attachment Thanks..


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