Comparison Theme

  •  Mory

    Custom Field For Comparison

    I added a new custom field and I want to use it for comparison, but I can’t figure out how to get it into the comparison custom field match menu..

  • Peter Peter

    Problem with Googlemap

    Googlemaps on the listing page will not display in full. (see attachment) What is the problem here? Anyone...

  • Darnell Darnell

    Ebay import tools "add new filter" is not working

    I am using the import tool to add products to the site but when I click on add new filter, nothing happens. Should I write a support ticket for this o..

  • Talpa Talpa

    Set featured image from external url

    Hello I want to ask if there is a possibility to Set featured image from external url or server (subdomain), I tried several modules for wordpress , b..

  • Richard Richard

    Random Posts, Blog & Listings Display

    Hey Guys, I was wondering if there was a code to manually implement to have posts/blog & listings to be displayed in a random order? The system de..

  •  David

    Need Help. The Affiliate Links doesnt work.

    Hello everyone, I’ve got a issue with the affiliate links aka cloaked links (Visit Store Button). If i put a affiliate link or a website adress ..

  • Richard Richard

    [hits] short code not working on blog or page section…

    Hey Guys, Wanted to double check if maybe I’m doing something wrong or if it’s not part of the theme… Basically, I want to add a vie..

  • Richard Richard

    Grid View Not Working Only List View

    Hey Guys, Using the most updated version of comparison responsive… previously had it on “List Only” view… wanted to see what g..

  • Chuck Chuck

    Get rid of floating header on mobile devices

    For those of you using the themes that have floating headers, please realize that they REALLY reduce the viewable window on smaller mobile devices. If..

  • Discopants Discopants

    Hide Price Column

    Hi, This is an odd request but in the Price comparison theme I would like to hide the price column in the product price comparison tab so it just has ..

  •  Fernando

    CSV template for comparison theme

    Hi All, After reading many threads about the CSV template, export one listing as an example, still can’t find any appropriate csv template to im..

  • Pau Pau

    Show lowest price

    I see that the price showed at search page is not the lowest of the compared prices, is displayed the price of the listing. Is possible to show the lo..

  • Chuck Chuck

    Hide "Change Location" – A better way!

    I found a better way to remove the “Change Location” link in the header navigation. If there is a problem with this method, please post it..

  •  Majeed

    how to add Search box in Header : price comparison theme

    Dear , can anyone experties give custom code for : 1) How to add advance search box in Menu header bar ? any custom code?..

  •  Miro

    Google indexed all affiliate cloaking links directly to web shops ???

    Hi, I just found that google indexed all affiliate cloaking links like xxxxx/buy_link/ directly web shops, and not to my site? It’s not good? Wh..

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