Comparison Theme

  • Carlos Carlos

    Price Comparison Chart

    How do I create the price comparison chart that’s showing in the theme samples?..

  • florent florent

    Search does not work

    Hi, Do you know why the search does not work neither for the advanced nor simple search ? No keyword leads to results Thanks !..

  •  Young

    Command line importing tool

    Do you have any command line tool for importing? If you have, it would be really good...

  • Hussain Hussain

    Theme width CSS

    Hi. I posted this once and I didn’t get any replies so I had to figure it out myself. I’ll change the theme width doing the following: .fi..

  • Erika Erika

    Remove Form Field

    I have difficulty removing default fields from the Add Listing front end page. For the website link I have put .form-row-rapper-buy_link {display:none..


    Trouble with Responsive Price Comparison Theme and Child Theme

    I am using the responsive price comparison theme for my website. Everything works fine when I use the default theme for the responsive price compariso..

  • Hussain Hussain

    iPad menu mangled

    Hi. I know this is was brought up before and was resolved by an update to the theme but I couldn’t find any updates for mine. When browsing my w..

  • Anshul Anshul

    Amazon Import Tool

    How do i save all the products i search for in amazon import tool? Is there anyway to select them all?..

  • Hussain Hussain

    Template width, CSV import/export, widgets, custom CSS…

    Hi. I just had the theme and I’ll be using it as an affiliate site. 1. I would like to know if it’s possible to change the template width ..

  • Vijay Vijay

    Issues need to be resolved in Responsive Comparison Theme

    1) There is no way to update Items imported through CSV. In Non-Responsive Version we had this feature. 2) I added [IMAGE] field for image import, it ..

  • Carlos Carlos

    Thumbnail size

    My thumbnails are two different sizes. How do I adjust this?

  • Makács Makács

    Login hide

    Hi, How can i hide the login and register button after user logged in?..

  • Vijay Vijay

    Image URL in CSV import

    in ‘Responsive Comparison Theme’ How can I import images for items using CSV import option? I could not see any column for this in sample ..

  • Carlos Carlos

    Import problems

    I’m having problems with importing products. Problem #1: On my Amazon products, it doesn’t show the price or the buy link. Problem #2: I a..

  • Carlos Carlos

    Need help setting up comparison

    I created two test listings and am trying to compare them. The secondary listing disappeared from the search results and it’s price is not being..

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