Comparison Theme

  • Sharoon Sharoon

    search box

    Hi, How do I disable the header search box? Thanks..

  • Lucy Lucy

    Settings Footer Social Networking Links

    Maybe it’s a stupid question with just a simple awnser, but I want my facebookpage to link to the facebook icon… but how?? This is my face..

  • Mohamed Amine Mohamed Amine

    Completely confused with the theme

    Hello, So I bought the comparison theme last week thinking it suits my needs after reading the theme capabilities and watching the youtube video. Now ..

  • Anshul Anshul

    Tab of custom field

    How to change tab of custom field? Right now my custom fields are appearing on details page I would like few on them to come on my comparison page. Pl..

  • Lucy Lucy

    display categories in menu

    I a have comparissonpress theme and I want to display the categories in a costum menu. When I go to display settings –> menu, I can’t s..

  • Peter Peter

    Change border color of Search Box

    Hi, How can I change the border color of the search box? Thanks..

  • Peter Peter

    Listing Carousel

    Is there any way to change the height/size of the “Listing carousel” on the homepage?..

  • Peter Peter

    Comparison Settings

    Just a thought – is it possible to have the “Comparison Settings” compare by title for some categories only? The other categories wo..

  • Gangadhar Gangadhar

    How to add alt tag and height and width dimension for header image?

    Hello, Recently I uploaded latest version coupon theme for my website, but there is no alt tag and image dimensions for header image. Please let me kn..

  • Anshul Anshul


    how do I use various url of images given in one column for various sizes. They are separated by commas . How can I use these link in a product feed li..

  • kairen kairen

    have I got this right

    So I create a listing for item A which can be bought for £10 from Amazon and use my affiliate link. If I then want to compare the price against Argos..

  • Mervyn Mervyn

    How do i delete the author listing?

    Hi, my site is how do i delete the author listing permanently at the top of the product page? Thanks..

  •  Suzana

    How to create a page with ebay listings for one category

    Hello, i want to create pages for different categories, each page would show ebay listings for that category. For example: Fashion page shows listings..

  •  richard

    Home page text write up

    Hello guys again I have the Comparison Theme template and I want to add a quick welcome write up on the home page of new website. I have a slider on t..

  • Mike Mike

    Menu Hover Text Color

    Hello! I have another one for you: how do you change the color of the main menu font/text upon hover? I have tinkered with the theme’s style fil..


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