Comparison Theme

  •  Mark

    Multi Taxonomy Selection

    I am trying to make a custom field / taxonomy so that in the ‘Add Listing’ it can be a multiple selection option but within the search fie..

  •  Stephen

    CSV import?

    Hi, I have just purchased the responsive comparison theme. The whole purpose of getting this theme in-place is to be able to map a csv product feed to..

  •  Mark

    Linked Taxonomy on Search Page

    I am trying to link 2 Taxonomy’s on the search page. However when selecting the 2nd option it’s just a small drop down box and nothing app..

  •  Miro

    Linked taxonomies doesn't work?

    I created linked taxonomy, as shown here: but it doesn’t work as expected? Linked taxonomy field load than shrink, without any text, as shown in..

  •  Umair

    How to compare products!

    I cant get through to the customer support as they always seem to be “helping someone” i turn to you for guidance. I have no idea on how t..

  • Chuck Chuck

    Listing replicates istself as Compared Product and lists under itself!

    Strange problem here. I made a test listing (aka post) and it replicated itself as a compared product (aka page) and listed itself as a compared produ..

  •  Miro

    Products under categories listings, are crashed?

    Hi, After I enabled “ItemScope” suddenly the products under categories listings, are crashed? There only shown product descriptions, as shown in a..

  •  Miro

    Google indexed compared product pages?

    Hi, In my google analitycs under visited pages rapport, I can see that many visited pages are from “compared products” (/cproduct/ links) ..

  •  Kok Fee

    [LISTINGS] shortcode showed 8 lists only

    Hello Josh, I am creating any empty page for my listing. Within the empty page I have entered [LISTINGS] shortcode. I have select “default templ..

  •  Kok Fee

    On and Off "… read more" for all listings

    Hello Josh, For listing page created using shortcode [LISTINGS], I wish to show the “… read more” wordings if the content too long. ..


    Newbie – Just want to get Comparison site functioning

    Hi…I’ve been trying, unsuccessfully, to setup two dummy users (where does store fit in?) and add two products with identical titles in ord..

  •  Miro

    Exact Title Match?

    Hi, When I only enable Exact Title Match under comparison settings, the products is not compared with only exact title match? There is also compared o..

  •  gilles

    How compare products ?

    Hello, I don’t understand how compare products is working ? I saw vidéo tutorials but my admin is not the same (last version) and in listing ma..

  •  Miro

    5 Character Match ?

    Hi, Under Comparison Settings > Comparison Matching Options > 5 Character Match. Is it possible to increase it on more than 5 Character Match? F..

  •  Miro

    Compared products with affiliate links are gone?

    Hi, After I tried switch different Comparison Matching Options (Exact title match and 5 Character Match) under Comparison Settings, suddenly the produ..


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