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  • Andrew Andrew

    Home page edit

    Hi guys, Recently upgraded to Version 8.9.7 and I can’t find out how to edit my home page, I have some button on it that I need to change. www.u..

  • Andrew Andrew

    Email forms

    Hi guys, I have had the theme altered slightly so that when the user fills in the online form it sends an email to the advertiser, copies me in and al..

  •  Becca

    Additional email ability

    I would like users to be able to respond directly to the email that is sent when someone fills out the contact form on a listing. Currently, the user ..

  • John John

    Thrive Architect

    Is it possible to use Thrive Architect to design the home page in Classifieds? Love the features, but the design on mobile isn’t so great. I kno..

  • Chris Chris

    Web address entered on submission renders as a button

    I wondered how easy it would be for a custom field to be rendered as a button rather than a test url...

  • david david

    bulk import for users

    Is it possible for a normal user to bulk import the items they want for sale ? If not is it possible for the admin to bulk import for a user .. i.e im..

  •  Andrew

    How to create search URL showing all categories but one?

    What is the URL string to show all categories with one category removed? Or more than one category removed? We have 10 or so categories and want to sh..

  • david david

    Theme not working at all

    I installed this theme and it just shut down my front and back end. Blank white pages on both. I had to login via FTP to remove it to get it fixed. Ar..

  •  Rolf

    Author Link

    Hi I’m setting up a page and have the following problem. If I set the authors url to eg., and i push the link link icon ..

  • ?? ??

    Unable to go wordpress admin page with another computer

    Right after the installation of the classified theme in wordpress, the wordpress admin page does not show on a different computer although I can see t..

  • Stian Thuv Stian Thuv

    PremiumPress Page Builder not working

    Hi, i can`t get the page builder to work. I get this error

  •  Becca

    Edit Listing

    The Edit Listing button has disappeared for people viewing on mobile. Any ideas which file I should be looking at and what the code should look like f..

  •  Martin

    Advanced search currency sign

    The Advanced Search field for “Price” in the Classified Theme displays a currency sign on the right side of the box, that’s fine. Bu..

  • Viktoriya Viktoriya

    Buddypress in Responsive Classifieds theme? Is it possible?

    Can I “integrate” Buddypress in my Classified ads website? I want the user to be directed to Buddypress profile page instead of My details..

  •  Becca

    video play issues

    Anyone have this same issue? Would like to try to get this fixed ASAP w/o giving out login/passwd credentials. Someone else must have run into this sa..


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