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  • Mike Mike

    Search Results Restrictions

    Am looking to disallow search from allowing all results content appearing when the searcher simply presses the search button. this allows search to br..


    What is the best way to have my sidebar show on the category pages as well as individual pages but no sidebar (and have the page be full width) for my..
    Chris Chris

    Listing counter

    Hi I was wondering if anyone knows how to add a listing counter to a theme without it already displayed. Thanks Chris..

    Users Editing Listings

    As an admin, I am able to make any changes to a listing. Users, that originally posted a listing are not able to edit their listings. It literally goe..
    Andrew Andrew


    Hi guys Most of the emails sent via the site seem to go to the spam folder, any ideas how to stop this? Thanks..

    Email subscription email

    Hello, I wonder if anyone can help me.. I have my email subscription email set up with an unsubscribe link at the bottom, but it does not show up in t..
    Mike Mike

    8.9 – Theme Background Controls Missing

    @Mark F FYI There are no controls for adjusting the background image The background colour selector does not save going to add this to stylesheet for ..

    New Message Received Issue

    Recently, sellers have been receiving an email saying they have a new message regarding an item – that is fine. However, I have the back-end set..

    Featured Image

    Hi, Has anyone setup the site where you can have different featured images for different categories? For instance, I have categories A, B and C. I hav..
    Stian Thuv Stian Thuv

    Llisting enhancements

    Hi, if I make a listing with enhancements it will only appear in the listing carousel, it does not appear under the category. But I can search for the..
    Alasandro Alasandro

    Page Builder not working

    I installed page builder and all went well on the installation but when I try and use it nothing happens. Clicking Add Section does nothing and Clicki..
    Lars Lars

    Slider Speed "Carousel"

    Hi, can somebody tell me, how to disable the carousel slider?? It changes way too fast and drives me crazy because with every chance of listings, the ..
    Stian Thuv Stian Thuv

    Pricing Table

    Hi, is there a way to remove this field?..

    Hide Country selection in search

    Hello, is there a way to have the country not show in the advanced search box? I realize it has to be present in order to search by state, but it seem..

    Links in mobile menu do not work

    I do not have a special mobile navigation menu with my theme.. It uses my main navigation and the home and contact links work, but other added pages o..

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