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  •  Becca

    Email Programs

    Anyone have a suggestion of which program to integrate that will allow people to get instant or regular email notifications when items are added to sp..


    language code en-US I want to – (cz_CZ)

    Hello please where I edit the language language code I want to – (cz_CZ) see screen Thanks Nice Holidays and New Year 2018 Ox..


    welcome bar how to delete it

    Hello Please, how do I delete the welkome bar screen attached Thank you Ox..

  •  Becca

    Video Issue

    I am using the video upload. The video is not playing. It is looking for file http://wp-content/uploads/x/x_x.mp4 (obviously some of URL X out to prot..


    Currency Settings no comma (,)

    Hello Please Where to overwrite the price format example it shows me 12,000.- Kč I need it 12000.- Kč without that comma Thanks..


    page bilder translate widget

    Hello where do I edit the language? Min.Price , Max.Price ,,,, Thanks V screen..

  •  Martin

    Submission Limit Reached

    I get this message both as admin and Subscriber: “Submission Limit Reached You have reached your membership submission limit. Please delete an exist..

  • leslie leslie

    Geo location on mobile classified theme

    Hi I am using Style 4 child theme with the Classifieds Theme. My problem is that mobile users cannot order their search results by distance as there i..

  •  Cerelia

    User credit feature is not working

    Hi there. I have built a website using the classifieds theme from PremiumPress and I am running a promotion where new users receive some user credit t..

  • Ashford Ashford

    Dropdown Menus Not Appearing Right

    In the Theme Settings Tab throughout various tabs: E.g. 1) Page Setup> Search Page >[2 column width; Default View; Grid View etc.] 2) Listing Se..

  • Stian Thuv Stian Thuv


    Hi. How can i translate this?..

  •  Becca


    Is it possible to make various slugs for different categories? If so, is there an easy plugin or in addition to the “PremiumPress Custom Slugs&#..

  • Mike Mike

    Search Results Restrictions

    Am looking to disallow search from allowing all results content appearing when the searcher simply presses the search button. this allows search to br..

  •  Becca


    What is the best way to have my sidebar show on the category pages as well as individual pages but no sidebar (and have the page be full width) for my..

  • Chris Chris

    Listing counter

    Hi I was wondering if anyone knows how to add a listing counter to a theme without it already displayed. Thanks Chris..

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