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    Website missing in V9 of classifieds theme

    I updated my classifieds theme to V9. After i did the installation i only get a blank screen when i open it with Fire Fox and the message HTTP 500 web..

  •  Stefan

    Full address(item location) in listing

    Hi, When someone create a new listing than their FULL address show up in the listing. I think alot of people don’t want this. It can be dangerou..

  • Kashif Kashif

    Dropdown categories are missing

    currently using childtheme 03 RedAds Classifieds V9……basically missing dropdown categories on home page or i might be doing something wron..

  •  Stephen

    What's the difference between Classifieds Theme & Responsive Classifieds Theme?

    What’s the difference between Classifieds Theme (Version 9) and Responsive Classifieds Theme? Thank You..

  •  suman


    Hi! I am wondering to customize contact form on listing page. I am using Classified Theme. Can you tell me which file do I need to customize? and Hint..

  •  Anand


    Hi Sir, 1. How can add extra options to “item status”. If this can’t be done how can i delete this option altogether. 2. I added a c..

  • Hamidou Hamidou

    Product price is hidden, when price length is more degit

    Please find a solution for this error, check my attachment...

  •  Stefan

    When is the final release for V9 Classifieds

    Hi, Firstly, I definitely do not want to whine and I appreciate the hard work! But when can we expect the new version? I made a forum post and not a t..

  •  Stefan

    Postcode and radius in searchbar homepage.

    Hello Everyone, I’m very busy with my new website and I like to have the feature to have the postcode and radius added to searchbar on the homep..

  •  Stefan

    Core functions V9 same as V8?

    Hi, Maybe a stupid question but I’m new here but I can’t find a answer for my question anywhere… Is the v9 only a update for the des..

  •  Joe

    How to setup 5 star rating that will get google rating ?

    Is their any help or programing in Responsive Classifieds theme ( 5 star rating ) that will get Google rating? I know plugin wp customer reviews does ..

  • Andrew Andrew


    Hi guys, Despite having the sum at the end of the form I am now seeing spam sent to advertisers. Can anyone advise how to stop this going forward? Tha..

  •  Stefan

    Wait for update??

    Hi, Yesterday I bought the classifieds theme. But is it recommend to wait for the V9 update? Or can I start with my website and update the theme when ..

  •  DANA


    How do I use the unsubscribe function? I create a page with what content? Thanks for any help....

  • Brenda Brenda

    Restricted Content Access – Membership

    You can create private content such as blog content then restrict this content to different membership levels so users can choose to upgrade their mem..


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