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  • Richard Richard

    Manual on shortcodes

    Is there a manual about the use of shortcodes?..

  • Mike Mike

    Map Not Populating States

    I have set up the self populating map function. On my advanced search form the States field does not populate when new states are added. What settings..

  • Emil Emil

    First image not showing.

    When I used Amazon import to get data for my website. – The first image is not showing correctly. Here’s a sample of image issue. http://w..

  • Brian Brian

    Using Plugins for events not working

    I love these responsive themes,and am admittedly a newbie to WordPress and these responsive themes…. I am trying to add a community events calen..

  • Ann Ann

    Google Maps Not Displaying

    I am using the Responsive Classifieds Theme and having problems getting Google Maps to display. I have posted the screen shots showing that I have act..

  • sumanto sumanto

    how to display a list of categories?

    how to display a list of categories ?..

  • stefan stefan

    RSS from add ? in ( Responsive themes )

    Hello, I wonder if anyone knows how I get rss feed from ads, so I can publish them as flow on facebook and twitter. Have tried to put in a widget but ..

  • Mike Mike

    5.3 or 5.2??

    Having installed the update from 5.2 to 5.3 my version indicator remains 5.2?? Also the log error is still prevalent. How do I otherwise check that th..

  • Diego Agustín Diego Agustín

    Responsive classified theme problems in wp 3.6.1

    Hello I got a problem with RCT ver 5.2 in wp 3.6.1. The first install in 3.6.1 I got problems with Advanced search setting in admin where i cant add, ..

  • Tomasz Tomasz

    Featured category jumping

    Hello Is it possible to have the featured category listings change in a different way, such that it doesn’t make all other non featured listing ..

  • Krista Krista

    advanced search not finding anything

    Hi… I’m unable to submit this into the Responsive classifieds forum using this New Post button. Am I the only one that’s having trou..

  • Rashed Rashed

    Problem setting up Paypal payments

    Hi, I recently purchased the classified responsive theme. I am also trying to setup the paypal to work but no luck. – I have a Callback page created..

  • Chris Chris

    Coupon Hook on Payent Modal Pop Up

    Hi folks! I’m wondering if there is a hook that I can write a function in my child theme to add a link in the modal popup at checkout? I have at..

  • Vivian Vivian

    Category images on home page for mobile users

    Hi, can anyone help me understand how to ensure the category images display correctly. Currently the images are re-sized it seems automatically (a res..

  • Rob Rob

    Cannot create listing

    I have just installed the Classifieds theme, and everything was going just fine, until I went to the ‘My Account’ page and clicked on R..


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