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  • Vivian Vivian

    Category images on home page for mobile users

    Hi, can anyone help me understand how to ensure the category images display correctly. Currently the images are re-sized it seems automatically (a res..

  • Rob Rob

    Cannot create listing

    I have just installed the Classifieds theme, and everything was going just fine, until I went to the ‘My Account’ page and clicked on R..

  • Tomasz Tomasz

    Translating "View All Listings"

    How do I translate “View All Listings” displayed on in the right top corner of the category list block on the home page? I cannot find tha..

  • Chris Chris

    Email Assignments

    Obviously the “Welcome Email” goes out to new signups and some of the others are easy enough to figure out what they are for and where the..


    Remove price listed

    Hi, I want to completely eliminate the price in ads of my site, I just need to know how to remove the 0 euros. (attached image) I turned off the price..

  • Janice Janice

    Sidebar – Responsive Classifieds

    When viewing the Responsive Classified theme on a mobile screen, the sidebar disappears. I would like to know how to add that back to the mobile-view...

  • Mike Mike

    Listings Widget

    I have used the Packages Widget…. Is there a Listing Widget?..

  • Malcolm Malcolm

    Search Custom Field Select All

    I have set up a custom field search “make” in advanced search. The use a select box to drop down to a popular list of makes (of tractors f..

  • Malcolm Malcolm

    Member ID Short Code

    HI first post so sorry if it is a dumb question. I sell used equipment to many countries both direct and through dealers. Using RCT and trying to buil..

  • Mike Mike

    User Cant Find Website Listing

    Have enabled website listing, but cannot see where this can be added. Tried adding details but this is not a website listing...

  • Tara Tara

    Square Reader Payment Gateway

    I currently use the Square Reader to accept payments by swiping cards. Now, they offer the ability to manually enter credit cards as well. Will you be..

  • Chris Chris

    How to: Short Description

    How do I turn on the short description field so it can be filled out by the customer on the front end posting form? I can’t find a switch for it..

  • Malcolm Malcolm

    RCT 4.8 Email Shortcodes

    Forgive if this doubleposts. Just upgraded to 4.8 to fix the media problem but now some of my email shortcodes have stopped working. (name1) (email1) ..

  • Mike Mike

    Listing Counts Slow Page Loading

    I have noticed over time that features which lists Categories and the numbers of listings within those categories – slows page loading. My guess..

  • Tuan Tuan

    Fontpage Search Box Modifications needed

    Hello Mark, Could you please direct me how to modify Fontpage’s “Sear Box”. I’d like to change the “within” [Zip/P..

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