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    Remove the big space in header

    1- I have added a .png logo the header went to half of the page even thought when i reside the logo it is still taking a lot of space how i can fix th..

  • Rashed Rashed

    How to load of dummy data ?

    Hi, The classified theme comes with dummy data. Do you know how i can import it? I do not get an option to load the dummy data when i activate the the..

  • Rashed Rashed

    Design Setup->Pre defined Colors messes up header background

    Hi, Has anyone used the Design Setup->Pre defined Colors option? When i try and change my theme to one of the pre-defined colours e.g. ‘green..

  • Rashed Rashed

    Asking price and Premium ribbon not showing

    Hi, I am on version 5.4 on wordpress 3.7. My Asking price ribbon and Premium ribbon seems to have disappeared. Any clues where they went or how i can ..

  • Mike Mike

    Account Image

    Can a User add their account image under the “my-account” section?..

  • Rashed Rashed

    Hide Sub-Category from Home Page

    Hi, simple question: Is it possible to hide the sub-categories from the home-page? Thanks, Prince Rashed..

  • Alain Alain

    Radius search question ?

    On the advance search zip code search… what the “auto” mean? Its for all distance ?..

  • Rashed Rashed

    Toolbox: Bulk Category Import

    Hi, For example, I have 2 categories. 1. Beauty and 2. Business. Each have sub-categories. How do i use this tool? the instructions are not clear. Do ..

  • Brian Brian

    Hiding contact for non-registered users

    I am running a private listing site with the responsive classifieds theme, and i want to display the listings to the public, but i do not want them to..

  • Victor Manuel Victor Manuel

    Very slow webpage

    Hello friends, Im having too many problems with my page speed, now I have around 300.000 products inside, and w3 cache running o my wordpress, so for ..

  • Aube Aube

    Home Page category display won't go away!

    Hi I’m working with reposive classifieds theme which i’ve configured to show 3 of home page “widgets” as attached – goog..

  • Mike Mike

    Recnt Activity Log Not Working

    My Recent activity log is not working. Does this feature need switching on? If so how?..

  • Jonathan Jonathan

    Replacing nicedit with ckeditor or wordpress editor – Please help

    Hi, Is there anyone that can assist or guide me how to replace the current niceditor (text editor) in responsive themes with either ckeditor or wordpr..

  • Tomasz Tomasz

    Carousel problems

    I have a front page carousel set to display featured listings, I entered the query string: meta_value=yes&meta_key=featured. The problem I’m..

  • Tomasz Tomasz

    View All Listings page by page not working

    Hello, I am having a problem with page by page button links. When somebody clicks on the View All Listings from the top of category list on the homepa..


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