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  • Chris Chris

    Lost the option to add custom fields to advanced search

    Version 8 you were able to add custom fields to the advanced search however V9 you cannot is this correct?..

  • Chris Chris

    How do you add these bits

    How do I add these bits to listing please..

  • Chris Chris

    how best to add conditional submission fields for make and Model

    Conditional Taxonomies or categories based on Make & Model I would like users to select a make and then it show a list of models. e.g user is subm..

  •  Robert

    Change Zip to Cities

    Hi. Whats the best way to remove or replace the zip codes in searching as the country I am building the site for doesnt have/use zip codes – mos..

  • Chris Chris

    IOS app

    Hi how easy is it to convert premium press to an iPhone app. Thank you Chris..

  • Vino Vino

    Want to add Tamil Language in my classfied site

    Hi everyone, I want to add Tamil Language in to the site. Bcz my site users are mostly local tamil people who want to post the ad in tamil language. H..

  •  Ali

    How do I add another payment module?

    Hi, For Classifieds Theme; How do I add another payment module? Example: iyzico payment module… iyzico-payment-module Be..

  •  Robert

    Facebook Login

    For some reason the facebook login is borking out and I suspect its the new Facebook policy. I created a new app for facebook login, added the keys do..

  •  Robert

    Additional Fields for categories

    Hello, Is it possible to have additional fields for certain categories? For example – automotive category, when adding a listing it has the opti..

  •  Ali

    Do you have a turkish language file?

    Hi, Is Classifieds Theme turkish language support available? Thank you for your help me?..


    Website missing in V9 of classifieds theme

    I updated my classifieds theme to V9. After i did the installation i only get a blank screen when i open it with Fire Fox and the message HTTP 500 web..

  •  Stefan

    Full address(item location) in listing

    Hi, When someone create a new listing than their FULL address show up in the listing. I think alot of people don’t want this. It can be dangerou..

  • Kashif Kashif

    Dropdown categories are missing

    currently using childtheme 03 RedAds Classifieds V9……basically missing dropdown categories on home page or i might be doing something wron..

  •  Stephen

    What's the difference between Classifieds Theme & Responsive Classifieds Theme?

    What’s the difference between Classifieds Theme (Version 9) and Responsive Classifieds Theme? Thank You..

  •  suman


    Hi! I am wondering to customize contact form on listing page. I am using Classified Theme. Can you tell me which file do I need to customize? and Hint..


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