Car Dealer Theme

  • Idir Idir

    Sms paiement

    Hi, I want integrate an sms payment system (gatway) on my site ( How to make a listing alive once the sms code..

  •  David

    Change default order posts in search results page

    Hi, I would like to change the default display order of search results, I use the plugin grdrts (vote plugin) and i would order my listings by number ..

  • Igor Igor

    How can I decrease the font size

    Is there a possibility to decrease the font size for attached units?..

  • Igor Igor

    Videos instead of pictures

    Hello, Is it possible to set a video instead of a picture on the main page?..

  • Igor Igor

    Banner settings

    Hello, The “Add a banner” in the “Setup Advertising” allows to add a banner in the category of “new cars” or ̶..

  •  Duncan

    Disable PrettyPhoto

    I simply want to disable ‘prettyphoto’ from my website on any listing page, clicking or tapping a photo opens ‘p..

  • Igor Igor

    3 questions

    Hello, I have three questions regarding the settings of my site 1. How can I make the standard output of the listings on the main page? The ..

  • Igor Igor

    How I can change the text in Premium Advertising?

    How I can change the text for these fields? See the attachment..

  • Liz Liz

    V8.9 Car Icons in Default view New Install Are they categories?

    Please see screen shot so you understand what I am talking about. The Car icons displayed in the default theme New Release Version 8.9 I am trying to ..

  • Francois Francois

    Couple of Question on Car Dealer

    I want to use the Car Dealer theme for a client that has a garage. So the site will not be used for adding listings by the public. They will have 1 us..

  • Igor Igor

    Russification of the theme. Problems.

    Car dealer theme. Version 8.9.4 I’m trying to create a website in Russian. I have the following problems. Google maps are not recognized. I trie..

  • Francois Francois

    Year Model on Listings

    Hi, how can I display the Year Model of the car on the listings page either before the “Miles/Kilometers” or at the end after “Petro..

  • Francois Francois

    [MAKE] Shortcode

    Hi, on the Car Dealer theme, I would like to add a sidebar widget which will display the Make like you would usually use a Category widget. The proble..

  • Francois Francois

    Hide Empty Car Directories

    Hi Is it possible to hide empty categories on the Car Dealer theme. There are for examples “Makes” and “Models” I need to desi..

  • Aino Aino

    Car Dealer Question for a ROOKIE (THANK YOU)

    Hi, I bought the car dealer theme and I want to make it into a used trucks website. As i am a rookie to wordpress i need help with questions below: 1)..


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