Car Dealer Theme

  • Mike Mike

    The author Widget Does Not Wrap

    I have noticed that long usernames in the author widget do not word wrap and tend to extend beyond the page/sidebar width. Any suggestions?..

  • Mike Mike

    Update Overwrites My Customization

    So I took the latest automated update. This update overwrote my custom styles. Is there a sensible way to avoid this in future updates?..

  • MD Salahuddin MD Salahuddin

    Separate pages for each listing category

    Is there any shortcode to display products from any one category in static pages. I am trying to create unique pages for all the listing categories. i..

  • Claudia Claudia

    car dealer theme?

    has someone already car dealer theme? I haven’t Claudia..

  • MD Salahuddin MD Salahuddin

    How to add more make and models

    Hi, might sound silly but i can create make model relation. i can either create make and child of make. or models but cant relate both together. Eg: o..

  • MD Salahuddin MD Salahuddin

    Thanks for the theme update

    Hi, thanks for the update, I was about to ask for the Google+ on social links yesterday . also members picture is handy....

  • MD Salahuddin MD Salahuddin

    Edit or delete Listing Attributes

    hi, can I edit or delete Listing Attributes section of add listing form. as I am trying to customize car dealer theme for other vehicle site. Also whe..

  • Mike Mike

    Shortcodes ID

    How do I get to know what all the CDT shortcodes are – so I can insert these on my own templates and pages?..

  • Mike Mike

    Child Theme Update – Best Method

    I am looking to use the new Theme: – I am happy to start the entire set up process again [from scratch] except – I have a lot of content w..

  • MD Salahuddin MD Salahuddin

    Showing listing from specific category

    Hi, can you help on how can I show products from specific category only, in the home page. Under page setup, drag n drop recent listing object I can s..

  • MD Salahuddin MD Salahuddin

    Theme Not Sending Emails

    Hi, my site using car dealer theme is not sending any email, i have setup the welcome email, but its not even sending password reset emails. i am usin..


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