Car Dealer Theme

  • Ian Ian

    Dealer Theme Extras "Type"

    Hi, Can anyone let me know where I can edit custom fields in the theme? Thanks..

  • Igor Igor

    Visitors can not publish multiple listings

    Hello, Visitors can not publish multiple listings. Listing Setup-One Listing Only-ON (Turn ON to prevent users from being able to create multiple list..

  •  Duncan

    Text disappearing after migration

    hi there, I’ve recently migrated server, eveyting has gone smoothly except the odd word has disappeared from the website, usually the words of b..

  •  Matt

    fatal error

    I am receiving fatal errors as I am uploading listings and my members are as well. After clicking save listing. We receive the error. then in the list..

  • Igor Igor

    I can't find in which folder are "featured icons"

    I can’t find in which folder are “featured icons”. Please help me!..

  • chris chris

    Editing or removing items in Listing Details

    I’m working with the Car Dealer Theme and looking how to edit wording and also remove some of the items in the LIST DESCRIPTION & DETAILS se..

  •  Rafael

    How do I add upgrade to "listing" and "membership"

    in the car theme, how do I add the option for the member to upgrade listing or to a membership package from the accounts page? It seems that once you ..

  • Abraham Lincoln Abraham Lincoln

    How to Edit [CarTypes]

    Hi, I wanted to edit the list of Car Types in the shortcode [cartypes] to where can i edit the list? Thanks in advance!..

  • Sven Sven

    Where do I edit ENGINE in the language file

    Hello, I have been looking for the “ENGINE” and YEAR text to translate it to Spanish but can’t find where to do this. Could someone ..

  • Sven Sven

    Page descriptions

    Hello, There are no meta description tags on the theme… For SEO purposes I would like to use the DESCRIPTION field in the MAKES page. Descriptio..

  •  Steven

    turrn the year to a drop down

    is there a way to make the year of the car a dropdown? instead of them typing it in?..

  • MD Salahuddin MD Salahuddin

    Google Fonts http security error

    hi, the link:….. as its is a http request causing security warning on IE. I have changed them to https of just //fo..

  •  John Bosco

    JPG Photos are not showing on my List Pages

    I discovered that .jpg extension images are not shown when uploaded in my website, but .png is showing properly. How can I resolve this please?..

  • Igor Igor

    The filter of car body is not working properly

    Hello, The filter of car body is not working properly. The filter gives the whole list of cars, not sorting them by body type. How I can fix this prob..

  • Igor Igor

    Where can I change the text "Vehicle Details"?

    Hello, Where can I change the text “Vehicle Details” tab except Theme Setup-Listing Page-Enable Custom Display?..


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