Car Dealer Theme

  • MD Salahuddin MD Salahuddin

    Help on Query for Home page tabs

    hi, i am trying to show products from one category in the home page tabs. my category ID car rental is “12” slug= car-rental. I have tried..

  • Amy Amy

    After I import my CSV File How do I make that my inventory

    I know in the older versions of Shopperpress I would upload a CSV file and it automatically became my new listed items. In the Car Dealer Theme I have..

  • Bernard Bernard

    Complete MakersList – Car Dealer Theme.

    Hi Everyone. Just wanted to share this correction in the car dealer theme under defaults_dealer.php. There were a couple types of cars missing in the ..

  • Abraham Lincoln Abraham Lincoln

    How to Edit Ad Post Fields

    Hi, Do you know where i could find the instruction how to EDIT the Fields in posting Ads? I would like to remove and add some details. I can’t f..

  • MD Salahuddin MD Salahuddin

    pagination on members page

    IS there any way to enable pagination on members page? I have more then 4000 members on my site, when I click on members link (page template= [members..

  • MD Salahuddin MD Salahuddin

    User can add listing without choosing any package

    Bit confused on listing packages and membership packages. I wanted to keep only membership option. but without listing package i can not use the html ..

  • MD Salahuddin MD Salahuddin

    How to edit [price] to remove currency symbol

    edit [price] to remove currency symbol being displayed on listing, I have managed to hide the symbol from add listing page from CSS, but its printing ..

  • MD Salahuddin MD Salahuddin

    Can not import listing CSV using csv import

    Can not import listing CSV using csv import. It say “Import Failed The used command is not allowed with this MySQL version”. I have upgrad..

  • Dewald Dewald

    Fallback Image not working- Car Dealer Theme

    The default “No-image” does not display if the image is not loaded, yet it is configured in General Settings. Using Car Dealer Theme Versi..

  • Mike Mike

    Location Field

    I am looking to add the location list to the Advanced search. I can not see where the location is. Should I add this as a Taxonomy first?..

  • MD Salahuddin MD Salahuddin

    where is the single listing display page

    hi, can anybody suggest where is the single listing display page is? i want to edit/rearrange few fields on that page but cant find it al all so far..

  • MD Salahuddin MD Salahuddin

    First name, Last name on account details

    Hi, I have created the registration form with first and last name but on account details page there are another names field making it duplicate. Is it..

  • Mark Mark

    Can Taxonomies have too many entries in classifieds theme?

    Hi Guys, Mark this is one for you… i have 37 entries in the a taxonomy and it doesnt work? All the others do? To use your example on the video t..

  • Mike Mike

    Make Plus Plus button error

    When adding a new Make & Model using the plus icon next to each field – there is a fault with the javascript function. The page crashes when..

  • Bernard Bernard

    Need help with the custom post type of Car dealer theme?

    Need some help with figuring out the custom post type name of the car dealer theme? Anybody? Thanks..


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