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  • Jelmer Jelmer

    Expiry Date Frustrations!

    Hi there, I read all the posts about expiry dates and downloaded the plugin from Mark. However, I cannot figure out what is going on: If I want to set..

  • Jelmer Jelmer

    class_auction_defaults.php updated in 5.7?

    Hi there, I customized my class_auction_defaults.php file to display another language on my site in the previous version of Auction Resp Theme 5.5. Ho..

  • Alice Alice

    Is there 2-way Feedback

    Hi there, Just bought AuctionPress a little over a week ago, there’s so much that needs to be fixed about it and I think Mark is focusing on Auc..

  • Jason Jason

    Finished Auctions still showing?

    Hi Guys I thought if you set to move to draft they will no longer display on the live auction platform after they expire? Anyone else seeing this too?..

  • Katalin Katalin


    Dear All, When you bid, there is a “Confirm Bidding” dialogue box appearing. On this dialogue box, you have a “Terms and Conditions&..

  • Cletus Cletus

    fatal error

    Hi I am receiving this error when I attempt to save a listing on my new auction site and I have no idea where to begin in solving it. “Fatal error: ..

  • Elif Elif

    Registration Field Problem???

    So Hello Guys, I’m really bad with programming but I planned this site for years. Can someone help me with this; So I was looking all over the inter..

  • Nicky Nicky

    User can buy his own Buy Now auction!

    Just going through some test scenarios and I have discovered that a user can click on BUY NOW on his own auction listing and it will will allow him to..

  • Nicky Nicky

    Site Live

    Well my site finally went live last night. Its at for anyone that wants to have a look. I’m reasonably happy with it, but..

  • Ronald Ronald

    Relisting product issue

    When relisting product I changed the date to reflect an additional 29 days for the auction. What it isnt doing is reflecting in the specific category ..

  • Stephen Stephen

    How to create a custom search results listing in Premium Auction theme?

    How do you create a simple single line listing of search results? I want only these 4 fields with no images, and I want them to be all on single lines..

  • Jelmer Jelmer

    Updated version Auction Press

    Hi there, Can anyone tell me when we could expect an updated version op the responsive auction press? To be honest I like it very mucb but there are a..

  • Abdullah Abdullah

    Search Results pages

    Hi I have a problem with the search results. I had tried to import my previous menu style to responsive auction theme by editing shortcodes. Now I hav..

  • Katalin Katalin

    Membership Packages in AP 5.5

    Dear All, I have just upgraded to AuctionPress 5.5. Thank you Mark for this update! I have noticed that after the update, listings submitted in a memb..

  • Katalin Katalin

    Editing Auction after It Is Published

    Dear All, I have noticed that any auction owner is able to edit his auction after the auction is up and running, even after bids were made for that au..

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