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  • Jelmer Jelmer

    Another bug in 6.2?

    Hi there, As you can in the image there might be another bug. There have been 0 bids (=0 biedingen) but it shows that the reserve price has been met (..

  • John John

    Favorites, rating, add friend, etc not working.

    Anything that uses str_replace in the theme is not working on my site.. I don’t know how to fix this. Any suggestions?..

  • Ahmed Ahmed

    Default listing length

    how to setup the default listing length when i do not want the users neither select listing packages nor membership packages..

  • Jelmer Jelmer

    Count Down Language

    Anybody any idea where I can change the countdown time language? I now translated everythink in Dutch except for the CountDownTime.. It still displays..

  • Jelmer Jelmer

    Carousel questions

    Two question about the carousel on the homepage (which turns out to be a little bit a pain in the *ss): 1. How do you get the current amount of bids o..

  • Ahmed Ahmed

    files changed in 6.1

    can you please give me a list of the changed files in the new update? cause i’ve made changes in some files and i don’t wanna lose it..

  • Raymond Raymond

    How to remove paragraph from middle of categories

    Hi There seems to be a paragraph in the middle of my categories which have been generated by shortcode. See down page be..

  • Raymond Raymond

    Responsive Auction – successful bidder email notification

    Hi – can you tell me, which of the emails displayed on the Email Setup area would be sent immediately to the successful bidder once the auction ..

  • Ahmed Ahmed

    Where is the translation file?

    where is the translation file? i need to back it up..

  • Ahmed Ahmed

    Taxonomies and linking taxonomies

    i have 2 Taxonomies 1. XCategory 2. SubXCategory Then added some stuff to the new Taxonomies. following the video from Mark Then I’ve added 2 ne..

  • Raymond Raymond

    Editing Text On

    On the Auction Listing page, when a new user is viewing, you have the following as default; Per Listing Packages Our per listing packages let you pay ..

  • Jelmer Jelmer

    Re-list items when expired

    Hi there, Another issues I would like some clarity on: when a listing is expired and has not been sold, why isn’t it possible for the user to re..

  • Jelmer Jelmer

    Reserve Price as start price

    Hi there, Is there a way to make sure that users cannot bid under the reserve price? So that their bid always have to equal or be higher than the rese..

  • James James

    Negative Balance Issue

    Mark, Seems to be another issue in the 5.2 update. I have a 3% commission fee set in the admin. The problem is: Seller sold an item for $50.00 USD wel..

  • Brian Brian

    Update Log New Auction Theme

    Hello, can anyone point me to where I can see what updates have been made in the most recent version of Auctiontheme? THanks..


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